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  1. #3151
    evil231072 Guest
    Hi all!

    Im from Austria, sorry for my english. But i have one bug in Multiman. when i will start a Game without going to XMB the Game is always english. is this a Bug or can you change this?

    Thanks very much.

  2. #3152
    bruticus0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by biggary666 View Post
    Hey there. Looks great apart from when I press L2 it locks the PS3 up totally. So put back to 16.0 and all is fine :-(
    maybe it has to do with the options.ini. I would try replacing it and the options_default.ini in your /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR/ with the ones from the archive.

  3. #3153
    Diablotic Guest
    Has anyone managed to run Little Big Planet 2 using Multiman?

  4. #3154
    goodone Guest
    what about kmeaw 3.55 could it work for it ?

  5. #3155
    Diablotic Guest
    I am using kmaew 3.55 + multiman. All games work fine for me except Little Big Planet 2, when I load the game all I get is black screen and have to hard reset my console because there is no reaction to pad.

  6. #3156
    theone1982 Guest
    Direct boot compatibility is all over the place at the moment... Best not use direct boot, and boot your backup from the xmb.

  7. #3157
    blablafukinbla Guest
    i have the same problem with Brutal Legend now... and i also doesn't know how to fix it... i already tried to update to the newest version, didn't work either... any ideas in here?

  8. #3158
    agmarco1967 Guest
    Since 1.16.0 (also in 1.16.1) the first time I start MM after booting it takes about 20 seconds (black screen) to get there.
    After that MM boots in a few second. Someone have a clue what can trigger this?

  9. #3159
    darsh0007 Guest
    1.16.1 doesn't load the games, pushing X doesn't do anything !!! kmaew 3.55 + Ps3 60gb.

    Any suggestions ?

  10. #3160
    Sejuice Guest
    Anyone know what the go is with the 'web browser'? Can't find it...

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