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Closed Thread
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    Contributor sdlaurin's Avatar
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    Jan 2011

    you will need lvl2 v9 if you want AsbestOS.

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    Contributor KerKid's Avatar
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    Oct 2010

    I installed the new multimanager on my hermes 3.41 and lost all my internal games.

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    Hi deanrr !

    Thank you for your hard work. But i think your BM had some issue. Everytime i play Devil may cry 4 my PS3 require to install the game although it installed already. I'm on OFW 3.41 + dongle with hermes 4.b spoof 3.55

    thank for any help.

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    Sr. Member xakmad's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    i have km3.55 and multiman 1.16 and the bdemu.pkg for km355 has put the .bin in the correct location (confirmed with ftp)
    however, when i choose a game and back to xmb, the bluray disc is STILL named the one in the drive, not the one i want to emulate.

    i have uninstalled 1.16 and reinstalled 1.15 and un-installed 1.15 and reinstalled 1.16 - same result every single darn time
    any hints from all the clever people?

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    you can try the fixpermissions.pkg, run that once first then try MM.

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    Sr. Member xakmad's Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    strange - after a power off overnight it all worked ! WTF? who cares, loving it now!!

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    hmm CFW 3.55 + WN.v2 + MM1.16.00... no problems... all Games are working fine... great work!!!

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    Dean... Can you confirm there will be further progress with MultiMan please? :-)

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    Contributor modmate's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    Well, i guess he just take a break now. Thats ok cause Multiman 1.16 is nice and stable. That few little issues can be handled later i guess.

    Greets MOdmate

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    guitar controller support

    Hi dean! I hope you will continue this project!

    In that case: could you implement guitar hero guitar controller support in multiman? I've seen that there are mouse and keyboard support, so i think some people may use it.



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