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  1. #3121
    sdlaurin Guest
    use split4g to split the files on your pc , they will automaticly use filename.666 ## which is in a format that multiman will automaticly join on transfer, in other words the problem is the file names your spilt program is assigning.

  2. #3122
    Amoebiuss613 Guest
    the files on the pc are already split, am i supposed to use split4g to combine them, and then split them again ?

  3. #3123
    sdlaurin Guest
    what ever you got to do to get the filename.666 ##, as far as I know MM will only recognize that format to auto join.

  4. #3124
    Amoebiuss613 Guest
    cool thanks, the only concerns i had was that i did use comgenies split function, and multiman on page one says...

    PC application to split 4GB+ (large) files for transfer to USB FAT32, compatible with multiMAN's JOIN/SPLIT functions and Comgenie's FileManager: SPLIT4G

    so i thought there might be a different problem.

    i'll look into it now


  5. #3125
    br4insick Guest
    is lvl2.pkg a LV2 patcher? Been doing a lot of reading; just want to clear things up before going forward. if so, is it best to use the latest LV2 patcher such as kmeau LV2 patcher v8-sc36??

    or do i have to install lvl2.pkg after flashing CFW as stated up top and also do a LV2 patch as two separate things?

    and is it true that i have to run the LV2 patch prior to using MultiMAN everytime i reboot the system? Can someone please clear this up for me because i would love to use MuliMAN without screwing up my ps3. Sorry for the noob questions; i'm very new at this; just tryin to learn. thanks.

  6. #3126
    Zeroboricua Guest
    Any one has the multiman 1.15.05 mega for KMEAW. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks

  7. #3127
    shakesingh Guest
    ok I'm a noob at this and a lot of what's posted on here may as well be latin since I don't understand most of it. So these may seem like noob questions but I'm currently using Rogero Manager 8.0 and I love it since it has all the functionality that I need and 3.55 fw; but I really like the way this program displays all the games and such so if I dld the full package and install it on my ps3 will it do the same thing as Rogero Manager?

    Such as backup ames, patch and play the 3.55 required games, and load the already backed up games I have? Also would I need to delete my other manager programs? I already have like 35 games backed up so I don't want to make a mistake and lose them. I appreciate any help and sorry for being so inept in these things.

  8. #3128
    br4insick Guest
    i'm new at this myself, but from what i've been reading you can run more than one backup manager (BM). Certain BM have a static directory and others you can change. I believe with MultiMAN (MM) you can change the directory of where the games resides. So if i was you, i would point MM to the same directory as your Rogero.

    This is what I know from what i've read; can someone confirm this and maybe answer my question up top too.. thanks..

  9. #3129
    severusx Guest
    You will have no issues using Multiman with you existing games, just make sure that you have the path where they are located in the options.ini file for MM (read the readme for instructions). You can remove your other managers if you want, although there is no harm in leaving them other than clutter.

    HOWEVER, make sure that the folder that contains your games is not inside the program directory for the manager. MM uses dev_hdd0\GAMES but some other managers may use dev_hdd0\BLESXXXX\GAMEZ etc. Deleting the manager will remove your games if this is the case. You can move them via FTP if you want.

  10. #3130
    randomusername Guest
    There's no reason to update to OFW 3.55 at all, that will mean faffing about with recovery mode etc.

    Just go straight from 3.41/42/50 to CFW 3.55, assuming you're not on 3.55 already.

    Why install lvl2.pkg, didn't think there was any need for it with the later versions.

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