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    im not saying it isn't, but the guy asked for easiest path to bm since he has never touched a ps3 before. There are less steps to take to get 15.5.5 than 16.0.0, thats all.

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    What does it do "Shadow copy" option? Someone??

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    shadowcopy is pretty much a symbolic link or shortcut.

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    Thank you for the great effort. I did and I have downloaded the game on a valuable hard disk in the PS3 procedure but how can I run. I hope that you benefit..

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    I have ps3 fat, fw 3.41 & psjailbreak. I have installed MultiMan 1.15 when launching, It says no payloads are loaded knowing that i have Hermes 4b on the jb stick? Any Idea?

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    thanks sdlaurin for clearing that up. i appreciate the help, you're not like a lot of these other guys who would say go read or noob bash; but instead lead me in the right direction..

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    Quote Originally Posted by System Repairs View Post
    highlight the title and load by pressing and holding select then x together.
    That didn't work any other suggestions? I have even tried reinstalling the game but still no luck.

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    Still no new mirrors ? ...

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    multiMAN 01.16.00 BASE

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    I have a small problem if anyone can suggest which way i can fix this. The way i have copied games in the past.

    I used 'Backup Manager v1.0 From PSJailbreak Team' to copy the game to the internal HDD on my 320gig ps3 slim. I then used 'Comgenie Awesome Filemanager v0.06' to transfer the game to the external 2tb hdd.

    I then hooked up the 2tb to the pc and transferred the game to it and deleted the game. I then changed the attributes of all the files to be -r +a -s -h. I did this so i could see all the files on the pc so if i needed to copy the game to my mates external hdd thru the pc easily. I then transferred the game back to the 2tb again.

    Now it seems that the games work fine BUT, ive started to notice that if i use MultiMan and check the files of the games (ones that have files 4gig+ and are split), it doesnt detect the split file at all, so for example. I store the game in a long directory such as : Virtua Tennis 3 - BLES00027

    the files in question are (vt3.xaf 3.99 GB) and (vt3.xaf.1.part 208 MB) which is just one file split with Comgenie.

    If i use MultiMan to check it doesn't say split files, and when i copy it, it just copies vt3.xaf and doesn't seem to combine because when i check with Comgenie it shows the file as 3.99 GB. Now i know i probably dont do things the right way, but i want to. So that is why i want to use MultiMan 100% and not Backup Manager v1.0 or Comgenie.

    How can i fix this ? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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