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  1. #3101
    lefterisk Guest

    Shadow copy

    What does it do "Shadow copy" option??

  2. #3102
    modmate Guest
    True. Maybe Dean should take a different hoster next time. Will be fixed soon for sure, just have a look in some hour again.

    Greets Modmate

  3. #3103
    br4insick Guest
    So i been doing some homework and it seems as tho multiman is the best at what it does. i just purchased a brand new slim last night and in the progress of getting it jailbroken.

    can someone please shed some light for me on what is the best combination to use? i was thinking about 3.55 cfw from kmeaw with multiman 1.16 and bdemu? or is 3.55 cfw from wanikoko better and what about muliman 1.15?


  4. #3104
    gizmogary Guest
    I'm running MM 1.15.05 on 3.55 GH firmware, I have used the bdemu.pkg to install the bdemu.bin file, and can see it when using the file manager in MM (its in the USRDIR) but when I start MM up i get the error, multiMAN cannot enable BD-ROM emulator. Functionality may be restricted.

    Any ideas?

  5. #3105
    sdlaurin Guest
    ya km cfw and mm 1.15.5, make sure a lvl2 is installed on your system.

  6. #3106
    br4insick Guest
    Brand new PS3 are these steps right?

    1. update PS3 to OFW 3.55
    2. then flash with KM CFW 3.55
    3. install patched .PUP like the one from this page? http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...ched-by-kmeaw/ (that's the only thing i can find when you say "make sure a lvl2 is installed"; i'm very lost at this stage; just assuming)
    4. install multiMAN 1.15.5 or 1.16 with BDEMU?

    any help is appreciated, this is my first time touching a PS3, just want to clear things up before i brick something.. thanks to anyone for the help.

  7. #3107
    lunchyboxy Guest
    Tried just renaming the .PNG to the GAME ID you want and just FTP it over, and see if it works without changing permissions? I've never had to set permissions on a cover for it to show up in multiMAN.

    If you do by chance are required to do a permissions fix, just run Fix Permissions - I believe it will set everything in that folder as well correctly, or move it to a location it does fix, then back again. You probably just want to see CHMOD work though so... ?

  8. #3108
    sdlaurin Guest
    no do this and things will go easier for you:

    1. update PS3 to OFW 3.55
    2. then flash with KM CFW 3.55
    3. install kmeaw lvl2.pkg
    4. install multiman 1.15.5 (not current but really is trouble free)
    5. put games on external hd think in a folder called gamez is best. G:gamez/

    flashing the cfw will add a option to install pkg files, just put lvl2.pkg and multiman on the root of a usb drive and select those to install.

    I understand 1.15.5 isn't current and may not be the version dean wants us to use but I can't find a reason to use 1.16.0 except maybe a slightly more moral one since it doesn't load a payload and he might not get in trouble for it. open manager went the same route so i assume this was a collective decision. Personally I hope dean goes on to bigger and better things, like a video manager homebrew

    hope this helps a bit.

  9. #3109
    littlelio Guest
    that's an excellent piece of work. Thanks! I hope I have chance to use it!

  10. #3110
    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sdlaurin View Post
    4. install multiman 1.15.5 (not current but really is trouble free)
    1.16 is trouble free, why does nobody know how to install another package file, it's only one extra step. Dean is still updating, and the BDEMU.bin is the way for the new versions.

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