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    sdlaurin Guest
    Dean how about a multiman just for movie files? i'm super happy with the version of mm i'm using and would love to see a multimovieman.

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vnguyen972 View Post
    what exactly is BMEDU.bin? do I need that and lvl2 patcher?
    That's what i want to know also. Lv2 patcher needed again? Why is there no more syscall36 implementation?

    Greets Modmate

  3. #3073
    randomusername Guest
    Come on... why do you think ? I presume he's either been "warned" or he's just making sure the inevitable call/approach from Sony isn't going to be damaging.

    I'm pretty sure all that's needed is that bin file.

  4. #3074
    milerwan Guest
    Hi Dean,

    I am a huge fan of your manager since the first time and I regret the removal of the integrated payload since v1.16. Know that if for legal reasons to use in some countries and that everyone can enjoy Multiman, it would be welcome to offer a version with integrated payload and another version without.

    Because in many countries, the use of payload is not allowed (I live in France). Thank you not to withdraw this option so that facilitates the use of the console and makes MultiMAN the best manager ever. ^^

  5. #3075
    Yue23 Guest
    how to copy a BluRay? or will this not supported yet?

  6. #3076
    JuGs Guest
    Anyone have the Mega pack of Multiman 1.15.05 for Kmeaw? Thanks!

  7. #3077
    Jes03 Guest
    No payload of any kind included in the distribution
    WHY? This was a great feature.

    I just changed from Waninkoko CFWv2 to Kmeaw and I liked the fact I didn't need lv2 to run backups.

  8. #3078
    moja Guest
    I'm surprised to hear -payload, but I shouldn't be. Dean's done a wondrous job with Multiman, and I don't blame him for removing it - to continue development I'm sure it was necessary.

    Just keep doing what you're doing, Dean. Thanks again for your dedication.

  9. #3079
    Transient Guest
    Has anyone had success using the PSX Store feature located at the bottom of the File Manager? Whenever I try to load it I get the following message:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The solution seems obvious -- allocate more memory. But how can I do that?

    I did search this thread as well as elsewhere for an answer, but it seems there's only unanswered questions. Hopefully somebody can shed some light -- deanrr?

  10. #3080
    chopchop666 Guest
    hey guys i'm running kmeaw and mm 1.15.05, i'm def a newb when it comes to this stuff, i have a dead bluray drive so how will updating to 1.16 affect my playing of backups? and does anyone know if/how i can watch backups of blurays, i have avatar 3d iso and would like to know how to watch it, cheers

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