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  1. #3041
    thedoginthewok Guest

    I would like to play a PS2 Backup. But I cannot launch it. I tried as dean said.
    1) Reboot your PS3 in JB mode
    2) Put original PS3 disc
    3) Launch multiMAN and mount your PS2 game backup
    4) Replace the PS3 disc with original PS2 disc
    5) PS2 disc icon should appear in GAMES column. Try to launch it.
    But I can't mount my PS2 game backup. I get an error msg: See Attachment.

    Since Killzone 1 is not a PS3 Game, it is clear that there is no PARAM.SFO -.-

    I don't know what to do. I am using a 60GB PS3 (Model CECHC04) with 3.55 kmeaw.

  2. #3042
    bitsbubba Guest
    multiMAN or any other backup manager will not allow the play of PS1/2 backups.

  3. #3043
    Biby81 Guest
    let's try this one.. thanks!

  4. #3044
    djtom1 Guest
    download links are broken

  5. #3045
    xiang742 Guest
    Thank you, you are the boss!!!

  6. #3046
    lexic4all Guest
    hi i updated multiman to 1.16... and now i cant play any backups, it say cannot load bd-emu.

  7. #3047
    theone1982 Guest
    from within multiman itself? as links state its stil 1.15 build..

  8. #3048
    niceguy0815 Guest
    read the changelog!!! in the new Version is no BDEMU.bin (The Playload) included, but i think you can copy it from the version before into the MM Folder on the PS3 HDD and it works.

    I havent test it jet but i will do it later when I m at home.

  9. #3049
    jammydodger Guest
    having the same problem here: Multiman cannot enable BD-rom emulator. Functionality may be restricted.

    Any ideas whats up ?

  10. #3050
    deank Guest


    - No payload of any kind included in the distribution
    - Support for "Black screen games" using external USB HDD

    * BDEMU.BIN or external payload required to enable following functionality:
    - Support for AVCHD/BDMV structures saved on internal HDD (AVCHD HDD)
    - Path redirections for /dev_bdvd and /app_home
    - BDEMU.BIN is not distributed with install packages

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