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    Member BerserkLeon's Avatar
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    Feb 2011

    any plans to make a nethost into a place to start games from? like net_dir and net_home or something? That'd be awesome.

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    HOPEFULLY ratchet and clank: a crack in time will stop freezing for me...

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    Apr 2005

    Quote Originally Posted by dinomight View Post
    Has anyone ever suggested having a db of games that support direct booting so that it doesn't have to ask if you want to skip the xmb. I figure it can't be that difficult since there are already libraries for downloading updates. (but than again what do i know). Still think it would be a cool feature.
    I'd second that - had the same though a few days back - I'd even be happy with the optional config file I'd need to manage by myself - after all you'd need to set it just once for each game anyway.

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    is it possible to create/implement a tool to backup/format PS3 HDD (connected by USB). Think that could be a nice feature to prepare/clone a new (bigger) HDD.

    Cheers NIGHTWISH

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    love the update idea for games was very much needed great work this is an awesome game manager its really the best one in my eyes. all we need is some different music options. or maybe some funky add ons in the next updates. MultiMAN sure is coming along.

    it's got everything you need i find it very useable i am very happy to have it as an ap on my ps3 more than any others. THANKS!

    i wonder if i could get heavy rain working now..
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    Having FTP problems with latest version - tried playing with the switches and couldn't connect (using FlashFXP). Tried using blackbox 1.2 and works fine.

    Updated Multiman through the auto update built into the program.

    Using Wutangrza & GH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by secto View Post
    I am currently using Multiman v1.15.03 (latest one). When I try to click on PSX Store button on multiman it gives me this error;

    "Not enough memory to launch web browser! Required memory: 47.00 MB (allocated 32.00 MB)

    Any kind of help be appreciated thank you!
    Second, same here.

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    Newbie FMAranda's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Dean recommends to use Filezilla in active mode.

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    Deanrr, Hello from Spain for when a multi-language multiMAN? thank you very much...

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    Newbie hussam's Avatar
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    Jun 2010

    Multi man 1.15 does not work, it says no payloads knowing htat the JB is pluged in and working perfectly with other managers.

    FW: 3.41
    JB: PSJailBreak
    Payloads: Hermes 4b


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