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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    sorg Guest
    bug in FTP sever of Multiman: length of path is too limited to copy some games.

    for example following file cannot be copied in MultiMAN's ftp: /dev_hdd0/GAMES/Sonic_All-Stars_Racing_(int)/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/resource/sumotoolresources/characters/race_results_alexkidd_en.stz

    in blackb0x ftp i can copy this file.

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    withymanqdave Guest
    try creating a game folder with the name in caps like this GAME instead of game worked for me.

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    sorg Guest
    It's not related to caps in game folder or ID instead of game's name. It's limitation of characters count in path.

    Of course, if i will make game folder's name shorter then i will be able to copy this file. But there is no guaranties there won't be other files in other games where even short name of game folder will solve problem.

    Actually, it's very easy to fix by developer. Just increase buffer for path name (make it twice bigger should be enough).

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    Xplic1T Guest
    Dean I am wondering ... Is there a way to backup portions of a game like the files bigger than 4gb to the internal and the rest on the external ? That way only to back up portions of games to the internal hd to save space.

    - Xplic1T

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    r3dcat Guest
    NTFS USB support would resolve issues of space on the internal HD

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    Xplic1T Guest
    I don't think this is possible from the XMB... I think a truly CFW will eventually support it. I think there should be an option to ask you if you want to copy xxxxxx.bin to internal harddrive and multiman can just mount that folder. In theory shouldn't be too hard.

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    bigdaddie Guest
    With v01.15.02 i get an error when launching MM for a 2nd time. Something like this: "Payload not recognized and you're options may be limited".

    Although i'm running my console in JB mode...

    I want to start with the default screen, with the options on the right and the controller in the upper right corner if there's no .png available. I set these values in the options.ini file:
    # Option: load_last_state
    # Option: display_mode
    # Option: game_bg_overlay
    # Option: fullpng
    But that doesn't work...

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    leoneil05 Guest
    thanks for the update!

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    jesreb Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hitmancn47 View Post
    No words can describe what you have done for us. THANK YOU BOSS.
    I would also like to second that. If it wasn't for KMEAW and the brilliant Multiman software I would have bought a dongle by now but kept holding on for a proper package solution.

    Everything backed up is now working as it should on Multiman except Red Dead but I will tinker with it and work it out just like yesterday getting Apache air assault to work and it did.

    Thanks Deanrr my R3 button hasn't had so much use in all the time i've been using the PS3. ( A Very Big Fan - Keep the updates coming)

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    elreason4 Guest
    earlier versions of multiman would always read hdd0/games/LUAN12345/GAMEZ properly, but the 15.0.3 just won't... I can't find the command to update the game paths... anyone know the quick command to fix the paths in 15.0.3?

    also, does anyone know the username/password that multiman expects under FTP? thanks

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