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  1. #2931
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Update via R3 works perfect ! Thanks for the update again Dean.

  2. #2932
    deank Guest
    So? Use filezilla.

  3. #2933
    theone1982 Guest
    Thanks dean for the latest update... Appreciate it a lot.

  4. #2934
    Zephyry09 Guest
    Very sweet app you have here Dean. Appreciate the support, time and effort given to this.

    Just thought I would report a small thing.

    The progress bar for copying sometimes does not appear. Seems to happen more so on the bigger games like +20Gb. It seems if it takes a while to verify then it does not appear.

    Also, are the different font built in for when you press SELECT + R3 and when I push SELECT + R3 in the game select menu nothing seems to change...

  5. #2935
    deank Guest
    Progress bar is auto-disabled when 'verifying' takes more than 30 seconds. It then shows "ELAPSED" time and not "REMAINING". It is not a bug.

    Yes, the fonts are PS3 built-in fonts.

  6. #2936
    Zephyry09 Guest
    Thanks for the reply Dean. Is there any reason why it is auto disabled after 30secs? I personally like seeing how much time is left rather than elapsed time. (Though I am not complaining as I am happy to have the great app that we do )

    Hmmm - what exactly should I see happen when I press SELECT + R3 at the game select screen as the game names etc do not seem to change font... I assume that is what is meant to happen? Or am I doing something silly?

  7. #2937
    OEPRules Guest
    It could be your Anti-virus. I know with AVG it'll do this because of the Linkscanner being on' Just a thought.

  8. #2938
    r3dcat Guest
    For your reference Dean I just found out by accident what was causing this error! I noticed that there was a PS3_GAME directory in the root of my USB drive that I had not put there... after deleting it the "select x" function worked ok with no more "Error occurred while moving game to new location!" error message.

    So obviously multiMAN creates this directory on a "select x" launch and then deletes it on exiting the game... it looks like for some reason this directory was not cleaned up on exit at some point and it caused this problem/error msg.

  9. #2939
    deank Guest
    In game display modes 1 and 3 you can get the font changed. Switch to them with [L1].

    Well if you deleted the PS3_GAME folder - you deleted your game.

    multIMAN "moves" your black-screen-game to the root of the USB and later when you launch it, it tries to move it back. In your case for some reason it can't move it back (probably because you changed something). When such error occurs you have to move it back to your games folder yourself.

  10. #2940
    kfkboys Guest


    Just like the original xbox, do you think you could implement a PS3-to-PS3 FTP, via Ethernet Cable/crossover cable. That would be absolutely FANTASTIC if it were possible to transfer from one ps3 to another via internalized ftp.

    Thanks for this, it's absolutely amazing.

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