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    Shadow copy

    Just want to be sure I get it right because everything is changing so fast (and thats great!)

    "Shadow copy" only works with backups that normally will direct boot from MM? I can make a shadow copy and install the PKG and see the game icon but the backups are freezing or returning to XMB. Thanks.

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    thanks theone1982 and FMAranda

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    Jan 2010
    GH = GeoHot
    WTNG = Wutangrza
    WNK = Waninkoko
    KMEAW = Kmeaw

    Before somebody doesn't know what this short versions mean.

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    Some games working on my wutagrza+geohot+multiman 1.15.02 ps3:

    Call of duty MW2 EUR
    John Dalys Prostroke golf EUR
    NFS Hot Pursuit EUR
    NFS Pro Street EUR
    FIFA 2011 EUR
    WWW SVR 2011 EUR
    F1 2010 EUR
    Dead rising 2 EUR
    Infamous EUR
    Tony Hawk Shred EUR
    NBA 2K11 EUR
    Dirt 2 EUR
    Gran Turismo 5 EUR
    Buzz Music Quiz EUR

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    Sweet... how about Assassin Creed II ?? got any trick?

    Thanks for the tips above.

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    Dec 2010
    i still have to use lv2 patcher v6 or i get screen flickering, anyone else got this?

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    I doubt there are any updates for the game I'm looking at since I've been watching the developer's blog for a few days. I tried a fix permissions pkg but it didn't seem to solve anything.

    So.. still have this problem

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    The pkg with "the last game" doesn't work with the Black Screeen Games ?

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    Oct 2010
    does anyone know where i can download blu ray cover, posters pngs for blu ray movie directory in multiman?

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    Jan 2011
    * Support for COVER.PNG/COVER.JPG (260x300) and POSTER.PNG/POSTER.JPG (1920x1080) for AVCHD/Blu-ray movies

    That means multiman show big background images for avchd like games? What is picture location? I can't get it work, thanks.

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