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  1. #2891
    chomps268 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger007 View Post
    Almost everyday Multiman gets a 'little update'. Sorry but it gets now little irritating....
    -rep dean doesn't need this kind of feedback. If you don't like it, don't update... Also, like your parents used to tell you when you were younger "If you don't have something positive to say, don't say it at all."

  2. #2892
    theone1982 Guest
    By the looks of it hes online 24/7... striving to give us the best backup manager ever... how many people do you know that's totally dedicated to giving the community what they want?

    Anyway.. thats my 2 cents in... WELL DONE dean... another great update... I'll be installing this now me thinks... lol... and thx for the extra covers.

  3. #2893
    niceguy0815 Guest
    Hello, I have a question about the Net_Host thing.

    Can I use it to conect to my NAS? Or is there a way to use a FTP clint on the PS3 to copy the ganmes via PS3 from the NAS to the PS3?

    Thanks a lot for the best Manager on Planet!!!

  4. #2894
    Tiger007 Guest
    Sorry but it was a idea to update once in a while than a 0,001 update... Of course I appreciate the work of Dean!

  5. #2895
    FMAranda Guest
    He creates these "daily updates" because is needed and because of that multiMAN is the most stable game manager that exists.

  6. #2896
    sickoo0 Guest


    what should i use:

    1. multiMAN ver 1.15.02 MEGA [20110203_203000].rar (256 MB) (+38 themes) For FW 3.40-3.55 (3.41 + 3.55 KMEAW)


    2. multiMAN ver 1.15.02 MEGA [20110203_203000] 355GH.rar (256 MB) (+38 themes) For FW 3.55 (GH/WTNG)

    i have use kmeaw 3.55 Custom Firmware ? plz help

  7. #2897
    sharp30 Guest


    Has anyone got a collection of blu ray movie covers they would like to share as i was gonna install them into multiman for my blu ray movie collection.

  8. #2898
    crud26 Guest
    Thanks Dean... We appreciate the work and time taken to improve multiman!

  9. #2899
    FMAranda Guest
    If you are on Kmeaw, you should use the Kmeaw version

    The 1st one.

  10. #2900
    theone1982 Guest


    Not the gh my friend, use the other. Gh is geohots.

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