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    Contributor modmate's Avatar
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    Isn't it possible to do a sort of a fix patch? So we just have todo the select+x once? Maybe something for your next release Deanrr.

    Greets Modmate

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    Support for other languages would be amazing, it would make multiman even more popular than it is, as many people is not using it atm because they don't speak english...

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    1. video preview for every game.
    2. a database for games, and updatable only after request. we do not need a rescan everytime i put an usb, or i copy a file...

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    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    Isn't it possible to do a sort of a fix patch? So we just have todo the select+x once? Maybe something for your next release Deanrr.
    +1 Good suggestion

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    MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod version 01.15.02 is now released and features a greatly improved FTP server among the updates detailed below.

    Download: MultiMAN v01.15.02

    multiMAN version 01.15.02 changes:
    • Added option to go [BACK] from certain [YES]/[NO] prompts
    • Check for available free space before initiating copy/transfer
    • Warning prompt if copy destination already contains folder with same (source) name (cancel/overwrite)
    • Support for COVER.PNG/COVER.JPG (260x300) and POSTER.PNG/POSTER.JPG (1920x1080) for AVCHD/Blu-ray movies
    • Greatly improved internal/built-in FTP server:

    - MULTIPLE simultaneous FTP CONNECTIONS from different PC's/clients
    - MULTIPLE simultaneous FILE-TRANSFERS (within session or between clients)
    - RESUME interrupted transfers
    • Total of 973 game covers (FULL package)
    • Four new themes (GUI BLUE, SAMUS REMIX, SAMUS REMIX 3, GIZMO) (MEGA package)

    MultiMAN v01.15.02 OBM PS3 Mod with Improved FTP Server

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nice, finally I can remove blackftp thank you for ftp improvements !

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    dean: You forgot to put the download links in the txt file for the last two packages for v00.15.0.2. You have them listed for the first two options.

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    I haven't forgot. Uploading... It is updated now.

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    could you put a option in the options_default.ini file so when we press x it does the select + x for us. alll games seem to work with the select + x option. no problem if you can't.

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    Hello Deanrr, do you continue your work for PS2 backup support ? Or have you stopped ?


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