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    Quote Originally Posted by Coragin View Post
    Suggestion: Would it be possible to add in a command to refresh all devices in Multiman?
    I think you can for refresh with "SELECT+L3".

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    Is anyone else having problems with the video from their playstation eye going black and white and fuzzy? I'm using Kmeaw 3.55. I noticed this while playing "The Fight: Lights Out".

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    Quote Originally Posted by tulla2010 View Post
    make sure split second is on EXTERNAL hdd & try again, its working as i have played it myself, if it still refuses to play, re-rip it to ext hdd
    thank you and will try re rip.

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    Thanks Deanrr for your help, I will try it next time.

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    when will the multiman have a black screen fix for internals?? cause i don't have an external HDD, and i want my PoP: Forgotten Sands to work in my internal...

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    maybe mine it's a dumb question (!) but how to delete folders create in root? (square key disabled).. I was playing with shadow copy & ebootfix.. I had to delete via awesome manager in red mode.. thank you.

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    Use "select+x" to rename it to a longer name and then delete it.

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    I meant "G" of course .. done thanks! (btw: via ftp I can't rename files / folders but only delete using MM-ftp function.. my fault or a bug? ie: filezilla.. ftpxpro and so on renaming file works great with openftp and blackftp 1.2 but not with MM).. cheerio.

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    May i suggest... An option in options.ini... where when set to 1... will auto open games on usb as if press select and x?

    My wife plays games... and forgets what games need this... until she realizes game dosent


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    i have some questions:

    1. How i can play games remotely on psp, i need to change in param.sfo the remote play? multiman not change it on the fly??

    2. If i want to play a blu ray file, how i can do it? i need to convert it? where i put the video file??

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