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    Does it fix freezing issues with games? I got a game that always freezes on a certain point

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    Quote Originally Posted by lvlrgreen View Post
    i downloaded it but i chose the wrong one. i'm running 355 kmeau. i chose the mega package download but it was only 01.15.00 not the 01.15.01 ver please help. thanks
    download and install 01.15.00. run it on the ps3 and update to 01.15.01 via multiman's update option.

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    First, wonderful program! I am impressed and wow is it great. I have a question, a suggestion and a problem.

    Question: Now that you added the ability to mount the external HDD game folder as a BDVD and it has in fact fixed a TON of games, is it possible to packup PSX/PS2 games to external and mount them? Might work, or something to think about.

    Suggestion: Would it be possible to add in a command to refresh all devices in Multiman? Reason is in my problem.

    Problem: I have 2 3.5" external 1tb hard drives and 1 500gb. They independently powered and if they sit for awhile, Multiman does not recognize them. I dont know if this is due to a power save setting or what. Maybe someone else would be able to help me here. And I don't know why but Open Manager did not have this problem. But, it could also be I switched from 3.41 to 3.55. Any suggestions?

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    Everytimes better =D

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    Thumbs Up danrr Turns water into wine?, Not exactly, but close!

    once again a miracle performed, and in record time too... Are you from Krypton? It's OK I can keep your secret superman! LOL Great work as always. Every build is better and better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrykel View Post
    Does it fix freezing issues with games? I got a game that always freezes on a certain point
    I would think that the freezing issues are the games themselves, as backup managers most basic function is just to map the game directory to the blu ray drive mount point, with little to no modification.

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    thanks a lot dean! your awsome!

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    Great manager, everything works flawlessly. Can it even get better?

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    Thanks dude, this is an awesome piece of software you made

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    A second thanks to you Deanrr coz today, i could play rainbow 6 vegas ! For info, this game didn't work since 3.41 with a dongle to yesterday with you fabulous release.

    Does it be possible to mount a swap magic cd like this method and play ps2 games ?

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