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    Registered User lunchyboxy's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayshungry View Post
    Hey man is this for this for disabling delete in multiman I done want to screwup multiman because I try deleting multiman 1.13.00 and I got corrupt data file now!
    just delete the corrupt file out of XMB (if it is where multiman used to be, then install 1.15.00)

    Yes, this disables the delete option.

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    so i did this went with option 2 disable copy, put usb stick in ps3 now two options one (options-default.ini) and the other (options_ini.ini) deleted the default one and copy still works HELP!?

    Edit: never mind figured it out thanks for info! you're the best.
    Last edited by alwayshungry; 02-02-2011 at 03:41 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    MultiMAN OBM PS3 Mod version 01.15.01 is now available and includes several fixes, hidden improvements and fulfilled requests.

    The first post is updated with info and a link to 01.15.01 (BASE) and the changelog is below:
    • File and folder copy transfer speed improved
    • Restored support for games saved on SDHC or MemoryStick cards
    • Changed default name for BD-ROM backups to GAMEID-GAMENAME
    • Added support for PS3 Demo and Package discs
    • Fixed game list refresh in modes with freetype fonts
    • New [Help] screen in File Manager (thanks to condorstrike!)
    • A lot of hidden improvements and fulfilled requests


    MultiMAN v01.15.01 OBM PS3 Mod with Fixes and Requests Filled

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    i dont know where i would post this but would it be way out of the way for someone to create a thread of games that should be on internal and others on external? or is this already there?

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    Generally speaking any games with a file larger than 4GB needs to be on the internal, everything else will work on external with a few exceptions, but those are more clearly detailed on The JailBreak Compatibility List or THIS ongoing thread.

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    well i knew that a lot of people couldnt get larger then 4gb games to play on external but i had like three games larger then 4gb play? i had like 60+ games on my hard drive but then i formatted it on accident when it was connected to the comp so i can't tell you which ones they were, but i always thought that compatibility list was for like a cfw or a backup manager.. my bad, thank you though.

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    not games larger than 4GB, games with a file larger than 4GB within their directories.

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    With every update comes greatness. keep it up...

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    Improve speed is always cool. Maybe you can add a function where we can set to disable the music at the start ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Maybe you can add a function where we can set to disable the music at the start ?
    AMEN to that!


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