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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    Alex793 Guest
    Hi Deanrr, do you have an issue for French Games ? Because some users reported the multilanguage games are launched in English instead of French for French users.

    And aldso an issue to work for internal games ?

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    jesreb Guest
    Hi everybody, I can't seem to get this new release to back up my blue ray disk. It goes through the motions of do you want to copy to internal drive & i say yes then it flashes something up on the screen then returns to multimans desktop. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Rand023 Guest
    Venetic, Dead To Rights and MW2 working for me.. thanks man just switched from gaia.

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    yoaDesTinY Guest
    Hi friends of the Night, i have a question. Is it possible with MM to load Packups from PCs HDD?

    I know the ps3serv_GUI tool and can see the shared files in MM after insert nethost 60806 NTFS USB HDD in MM options.ini. But (if its possible) how i insert the "Secondary search folder"??

    I have tried things like "hdd_home6=/nethost0/GAMES" without success! Has anyone tried this before?


    PS: Deanrr what do you think of a Webserver for MM to see game details or to change option settings etc.!?

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    enotsleachim Guest
    can we have backgrounds for movies? or no because they dont have PIC1.PNG's.

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    rsa84 Guest
    back on 3.55 again... NFSHP runing with no pkg installs no nothing... too bad it doesn't work for assassins creed (the first one) but not all can be good... thanks a lot dean and anon really... thanks now i don't even have to get up to power eject just comfy in the bed on and off by sixaxis eh eh

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    lunchyboxy Guest
    AC1 does work from external only.

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    System Repairs Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by shane7905 View Post
    First of all I would like to say that multiMAN is bar far the best manager out to date. I do have a little issue that I can seem to find an answer to. While navigating the backup game list (pressing up or down etc), it scans the game directory everytime. This takes getting to a game 10 items down in the list forever or I have to continually hold triangle to cancel scanning then x to return back to the list then repeat the process on the next game in the list.
    Pressing right or left on the directional pad allows you to go up or down by pages.

    You can also try downloading the covers or deleting and reinstalling MultiMAN and last game. I haven't had any issues yet and am just trying 1.15.

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    karlosA Guest
    Hey Dean, Thank you!! works excellent no freezes any more!!!

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    System Repairs Guest
    LOTR: Conquest - works no prob sel+X
    Bo0b Raider: Underworld - works sel+X - even took my saved games ok as they are in a seperate folder
    COD4: Modern Warfare - works sel+X
    Split/Second - did not work- I re-dumped game via ftp and found I was missing files- works good sel+X

    Make sure you select YES when asked to enable BD-ROM GAME DISC mirror. Default is No.

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