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  1. #2751
    dime Guest
    realy nice work thank you so much.. i will check and see if i can play blackscreen games

  2. #2752
    kojong Guest
    Thanks deanrr, Now my game that don't work before is working right now (Tomb raider Underworld,COD WAW w/o patch,Bakugan)
    Armored Core 4 I got black screen after FROMSOFTWARE screen.

  3. #2753
    Jes03 Guest
    I don't even get that far. It still black screens from the start for me. I think its another bad dump.

    When I download a bad dump I go rent it and dump it myself and it works fine.

  4. #2754
    enri69 Guest
    It works on the internal as well (since MultiMan 1.13 I think).

  5. #2755
    kakotetilla Guest
    Theres 1 game I cant play with MULTIMAN, but it works with Open Manager 2.1I in patch mode... EYE Pet. I have tested it on 3 diferents ps3 (Phat 60GB, 120GB Slim and 320GB Slim... the game works with OP but not with MULTIMAN)

    any idea of what I can do? I want to quit using OP2.1I and stay with MULTIMAN

  6. #2756
    OEP Guest
    I'm still on 3.41 and tested out Hawx2 and Venetica last night, worked fine. I'll try to dump my Hot Shots tonight and see how that goes.

    Thanks for your hard work and constant improvements!

  7. #2757
    buffaoo monty Guest
    This is great, I knew if I saved all the games that just couldn't work no matter what you tried, someone would figure it out.

    Thanks deanrr!

  8. #2758
    wilpac05 Guest
    great work deanrr, thanks for constantly making multiman better

    + rep

  9. #2759
    sivalakos Guest
    THANKS MAN. just what i needed i am currently installing 3.5cfw wanikoko.

  10. #2760
    spongesa Guest
    GT5 works on Wank V2 CFW3.55 with MultiMAN v01.15.00.

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