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    adrianc1982 Guest

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    Dean how about adding a recommendation to games that are known to give a black screen and prompt to the user that it might be a good idea tu run with "select + x". You already keep covers and what not up to date why not games, and when the database is complete adding new games that do the black screen should be a breeze.

    Not demanding anything, just voicing an idea that might be of your liking, thanks for multiman on CFW its made a difference from all the other managers.

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    hawk188 Guest
    Thanks once again champ !! I shall go ahead and upgrade Felt safer coming from you AWESOME as always Dean... total RESPECT !!

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    clouduzz Guest
    Hey dean I have a few questions.

    1. Is there a reason you don't answer the question I've seen many times since the new version... Does it\Will it support black screen games from the internal hard drive? (Some of us don't like having ugly external cases and brought a big internal drive)

    2. I'm not a multiman user but was interested in trying it for the black screen game fix. Is there a special directory they have to be in to work?

    I tried Hot Shot golf Out of Bounds USA version but it just freezes my PS3 and I need a hard restart. Game is in the Laun123 Folder same as others on the INTERNAL drive WITH A original Bluray game in the Ps3 before I even open Multiman.

    Yes I used the select + X combo as well. So does this "fix" only work for games on external? Oh and using Wank V2

  4. #2724
    oldpainless777 Guest
    Nice work... thanks. Any news on the ps2 side?


  5. #2725
    hawk188 Guest
    Hi Dean - Just wanted you to know I am now on Kmeaw cfw 3.55 with your 1.15.0 Mulitman and THANK YOU VERY MUCH , it's sweeeet as !!!
    Exactly as you said, straight from 3.41 to Kmeaw 3.55 (no recovery mode... etc ) install 1.15 and wow.. took me like less than 30 minutes. I have tested Tomb Raider (EUR) which had black screen before but now IT WORKS (from external HDD and doing Select+X)

    Also tested NFSHP from external and work discless... I am sure others will work and if not, it may be because I not have original EBOOT... Dean - you're a GENIUS !!! Thank you thank you thank you...Now to go test more... My only one wish to have a perfect cfw is to remove Cinavia... that would be perfect but hey, I am happy as can be !! You're simply AWESOME... Please keep up your excellent work and I wish I can give back... if I knew how...

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    deank Guest
    It works for external usb hdd only - that's it. If I find a way to make it work for internal - you'll all know about it.
    Quote Originally Posted by oldpainless777 View Post
    Nice work... thanks. Any news on the ps2 side?
    Testing at the moment...

  7. #2727
    Fyllabong Guest
    Dean the only thing I want to say to you Is a BIG thank you sooo much

    Running Kmew 3.55 and Multiman and EVERYTHING works just fine, No errors so far


  8. #2728
    vbcrayon Guest
    Heavy Rain works on the external HD using the new method.

  9. #2729
    solrac1974 Guest
    Many thanks Dean, great work! Multiman is the best and most advanced manager.

  10. #2730
    theone1982 Guest
    whats this about ps2 side? this some sort of emulation? as my system kindly tells me on the side of the box.. not compatible with ps2 games... nice sony only allowed first versions of ps3 to allow play ps3.

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