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    Nice, Loving the new feature, can finally play all those games without worrying about modifying eboot, moving directories, renaming files, etc.

    I do have a suggestion tho. Would it be possible to make it so when you hit SELECT+X it doesnt prompt you with the question or make it when you push X it gives you the choice of the SELECT+X method or normal method.

    or better yet keep a list of games that need blackscreen fix and automatically use it for the games that need it.

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    cool guys!!! You're updating faster than I could install... ^^

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    ok.. i'm not sure if this has been answered before, but how do I change theme for Multiman? I have installed the Themes pack and can browse to the Themes directory in filemanager, but can't figure out how to apply a specific theme?

    Help please.

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    Jan 2010
    I have found an other important bug in 1.15 . if you try select+x in an internal game that do not support direct lunch, the game will never work again

    and no my ps3_game never come back in is game (price of persia forgotten sand)

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    Update the game. The error stops.

    But, we need a fix.

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    Great work mates The fix black screen feature works only in the external drive? Will you add this feature for using the internal one? I will update my multiman and give it a try Keep it up!

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    Yes, I went from 3.41OFW straight to 3.55Kmeaw (no other steps, no recovery, etc).

    Quote Originally Posted by tonyqc View Post
    I have played the price of persia the forgotten sands and the game deleted itself after playing... can someone confirme this?

    In fact the ps3_game folder in the game was deleted so use multiman 1.15 at your own risk.
    Quote Originally Posted by tonyqc View Post
    and no my ps3_game never come back in is game (price of persia forgotten sand)
    That's how the new stuff works:

    1) Your game's PS3_FOLDER is moved to the root of the USB
    2) After you start multiMAN next time it will be moved back

    There is a 'backup file' with the original path (PS3PATH.BUP). Hundreds of users already used the feature in extensive test run and no one had problems with the 'auto-restore' of the game to its original location.

    You can always use [SELECT]+[O] in file manager to move it back.

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    thanks for this awesome tool.

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    But when they updated the game, the folder is no longer moved. Why?

    And a button "remember" to do?

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    Hi mate, just wanted to say GREAT WORK!!!

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