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    Oct 2010
    First post updated with 01.14.02 (RC for 01.15.00):

    * FW 3.55 - Disc and discless suport (/app_home)
    * Update downloads provided in single packages
    * A lot of stuff to come in next release


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    Sep 2010
    Nice, thanks for the update.

    This time there is only one pkg inside , so its a 3.55 one?

    Greets Modmate

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    Dec 2009
    No, it's for all. 3.4+

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    Sep 2010
    Yes, i see. Have signed it for GH and now it works fine.


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    Is there something stopping us that have the "last game .pkg" from playing discless? If I update to 1.15.00 will it load with and without a disc?

    I meant if I update to 1.14.02?

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    Apr 2010
    If i instal kmeaw cfw and use multiman is there a chance that i will loose my blu ray support ?

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    Dec 2006
    no, everyting is working as it should

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    I finally got my MW2 working under 3.55 CFW!!

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    Feb 2010
    How did you do it? Perhaps your method could be applied to other black screeners.

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    Hey Dean, I really love your awesom multiman, good looking and easy to use.

    But, I still wonder something ; are you going to add a "stealth" package such as Rogero ? Because it's really annoying when your friend see in your status "Playing to multiMAN", and i think it's quite dangerous while you know sony can use their banhammer whenever they want too.

    Plus an option to "customise" your log activity could be nice instead of deleting everything making it suspicious to sony.

    I really appreciate when my hombrews are stealth, and i hope multiman willbecome stealth soon.

    Thanks you again for all the great work you've been doing !

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