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  1. #2621
    randomusername Guest
    But from what i understand, you shouldn't have to re-enable it... not for most games ?

  2. #2622
    hackmimic Guest
    if you just want to watch avi movies on your ps3 just put the avi files on a flash drive or external hard drive. then go to the video tab in the XMB. Hit the triangle button when you scroll down to your flash drive/ external hdd. select show all contents of device. this will allow you to see all your videos. now just select one and it will play. you don't need a modded ps3 to watch avi files.

  3. #2623
    barrybarryk Guest
    without a payload you can't run any backups from multiMAN so you can either reenable it or use a lv2 patching app.

  4. #2624
    theone1982 Guest
    could anyone tell me when you copy a game from ps3 disk to drive big size direct to hard drive, try to launch says you can not launch split games... how do you join it back up?

    i notice also... that when it saved the game to the hard drive it saved it as _mrtc00003 if thats any help?

    would really appriate someone pointing out to me how i join it back up.. as it must split auto if size is big.

  5. #2625
    barrybarryk Guest
    games with split files must be on the internal drive to play.

  6. #2626
    theone1982 Guest
    thx barry, but i just ran a test as the folder was the same size as game said would be. i just changed the name to a bles... and random digits the game now loads... and this works on my external drive.

    just find correct bles number for my game... so no future conflicts. :-)

  7. #2627
    barrybarryk Guest
    then it didnt have split files for future reference if a games name starts with an underscore multiMAN will think it does contain split files and will refuse to load it as this is how multiMAN names games with files larger than 4GB to differentiate between them letting the user know they'll need to be on the internal to play.

  8. #2628
    System Repairs Guest
    Thanks for the clairification on that but what about the other errors?

    And which multiman needs to be loaded? what's the difference between 355gh and the other one?

  9. #2629
    theone1982 Guest
    thx barry... yea... the game was 42 gigs. well over 4 gig.. lol.. all plays good now.and on my external drive. no issues what so ever with latest multiman. thx for your advice :-)

  10. #2630
    barrybarryk Guest
    NO the gh one is for gh firmware just use the one for YOUR firmware, the corrupt errors and all that nonsense are probably because you keep running rubbish on your system but you could try running the fix permissions package (again get the right one for your firmware!) if you like.

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