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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    randomusername Guest
    If you see my post directed at Dean above, then his reply, I think ALL you need is 3.55 Kmeaw and the latest version of MM, then have a disc in the drive and you should be all set with everything working.

    Dean - sorry, just to confirm, do I need to delete MM if I'm about to do a 3.41 > 3.55 CFW jump, then re-install the latest version, or can I just upgrade, then update MM ?

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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    thanks man, it works now, even the latest gaia still needs like this process... all still need BD just to make other games work ^^
    but i hope one day, it will be disc-less somehow ^^

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    vbcrayon Guest
    Me too. The folder "/app_home/PS3_GAME" stop working with the autopatch multiMAN. But everything works well if the patcher is done immediately after boot.

    Integration is essential.

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    mare92 Guest

    Which version do i need for KMEAW? For FW 3.40-3.55 or For FW 3.55 (GH/WTNG/WNKK)?

    Thank you!

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    Yes, there's an option you can set in options.ini , something call fullpng or something like that I can't recall now since I'm at work... but then once you set that, and you want to keep coming back to that screen next time you restart multiMan, you have to turn off the "savelast display" option...

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    vinothu Guest
    Rep+. Excellent manager. Only thing missing is MKV playback. Dean, please get the mplayer ported to your manager soon.

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    misterdogman Guest
    No I'm pretty sure you need to do LV2 and FIX PERMISSIONS at least once with MM 1.14.00...Right? That's how I read it anyway.

    Surely I cannot be the only guy who has backuped several games and when I try to play them from MM it tries to update everytime it is loaded. I re-confirmed it all this morning. If I try to play the game from MM it sends it to the last played game which I never re-installed that LastGame.PKG it seemed to come integrated with MM 1.14.00 Am I right?

    Then it sends me back to XMB and when I try to select the game that is now showing on the XMB it goes to update and I can hear the game (whatever) is in the bluray dics playing at the same time in the background.

    If I say yes to update it does it then plays the game in the disc anyway not the download. If I say no to the update it just goes to load the disc but then it will call the discs NAME whatever I tried to load last be it Black Ops or whatever?

    CAN the O.P or SOMEONE who experianced in this tell me what it could be and help me understand what I need to do to get games to load from MM?

    UPDATE: When I go and look at the backuped copy in USRDIR the EBOOT.BIN and the t5_ps3f.self and the t5mp_ps3f.self files are WAY bigger than what it says on the discs side.

    The HDD backups are 56mb 56mb and 60mb on the left side but on the right side where the disc is they are 5mb 5mb 6mb.
    Do I need to copy them from the disc side and put them on the hdd side? or am I way off base and looking at something that means nothing? Any light shined on this topic would brighten my day.

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    System Repairs Guest
    Thanks for the new multiMAN_ver_1.14.00_MEGA. I had issues with upgrading to 1.13.04 with some errors and had to run the lv2 program to run any games. Hope this helps.

    I have a question about previously unplayable older games like tomb raider underworld or lord of the rings conquest:

    Is there a way to play these because I haven't found anything?

    Thanks again

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    maradios10 Guest
    Hi, I have fw 3.41 using with ps3break and multiman without a problem. All works great!!! What advantage I can obtain getting for example the geohot custom firmware 3.55??? Do you recommend me to change to a custom firmware? With a custom firmware I donīt need any more my dongle?

    Thanks. This Manager is perfect! It has all I need!!

    THANKS DEAN you are the best!!

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    jabberosx Guest
    Awesome work Dean..!!

    One quick question. I see MM gets installed in BLES80608. Which official game ID is that ? i.e. are you making it spoof a specific game Id or is that just a generic number you picked?

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