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    matrixdts Guest
    Thanks Stormy1987,

    Can I go back to 3.41 after having 3.55? Yes, but it involves formatting your PS3 HDD before downgrading.

    Are all working games working online?. Most games from what I've heard/read are working like their supposed to, but I'm sure you'll always run into the one that don't.

    For gaming online, It's probably best to use the original disc and if it's worth playing online then it's def worth the support and your dollars to ensure online play!

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    First of all great job on your manager! Been using it for quite a while now and absolutely love it. It's the only manager I use on a regular/standard basis. Just a quick question as this has really got me stumped.

    I have not been able to install/update any MM since 1.13.0 no matter which version I download (PC since online updates are not working) even when they say that they have been signed for Waninkoko 3.55 cfw.

    MM 1.13.0/fix perm/erase/rogero7.8/blackbox all installed fine, but all the new updates of MM ~ nothing... What could be causing the 802 error I'm recieving?

    I did not however install the GH cfw when going from 3.55 ofw to Wanin 3.55 cfw for the same reason. I did this back before there were pre-patched cfw so I did the patched .pup myself (yes it was a fine patch that sum checked).

    I wouldn't think skipping GH 3.55 cfw would have any bearing as everything is working besides the new MM updates.. Well that and Gaia, but this is the manager I love and am determined to use, so Gaia is irrelevant!

    Thoughts or ideas please... Anybody?? I know I could change firmware or try signing my own .pkg, but I've been holding off cause everything else works just fine and why fix something that's not broken. Besides, these signed versions would be the same as mine right?

  3. #2533
    wwywong Guest
    That's most likely is the result of running Multiman with no payload (did you see warning in the beginning?). But that shouldn't happen for v1.14. because it have buildin payload. Have you updated to v1.14?

  4. #2534
    steve38 Guest
    hello, I have a problem on the Multiman he tells me error was found (8002291b) error after it tells me I understand more trophies I'm with the updated kweam of walking before and now that problem on the resident evil games external hard drive its not bind it made a mistake after updated. I have a problem as the file (app_home/ps3_game) when I turn it on it shows no games via external hard drive. thank you for helping me.

  5. #2535
    AntonyB Guest
    Oh whoops yea >.< I thought the CFW took care of it all(Built in) haha. Sorry I'm very new to the PS3 scene. I was about to update to the new v1.14 right now. What Payload would u recomend and how does it install? Sorry for the newbie questions

  6. #2536
    ninjabreadman Guest
    Same happened to me, one of latest MM seems to remove LV2 patch ran that again and working fine although still just running 1.13.00

  7. #2537
    AntonyB Guest
    Umm yea, silly me LOL. I updated to the new version and setup the Options.ini and everything works awesome again now!

  8. #2538
    jamdobbs Guest
    were do i get the payload from and were do i put it for this to work using gaia at the moment because no payload detected on cfw 355? i want to use multiman for the remote play but can't get it to load games.

  9. #2539
    ascrounch Guest


    hi there ! is it possible to let multiman play MP4, VOB, and Avi movies ? cause my ps3 can read some of .avi movies, but she don't want to play MP4... (and maybe a day, mkv, who knows)

    can the dev answer me ? thanks a lot, since the last update, multiman is really best!

    codecs for my encoded BR are : MPEG 4 (1920x1080) and Mp3, but the ps3 cannot read them (dunno why)

  10. #2540
    randomusername Guest
    MP4 are notoriously problematic for the PS3. Just use PS3 Media Server to convert them and either copy or stream on-the-fly.

    Dean, am I right in thinking I should do this if i'm on 3.41 JB :

    1. Install Kmeaw CFW 3.55 - direct - no need to install OFW 3.55.
    2. THEN update multiMan via the R3 button ? (I did read you had to delete your old version, but I think that was you saying it on another forum when you had released the test 6 version, am i right ?)
    3. That's it... i think!?

    Guys, I'm pretty sure you a) can go STRAIGHT to Kmeaw 3.55 from 3.41 and you don't need any payload or anything, dean has re-integrated everything into MM, but this time using syscall 36 which (i think) is a Hermes-type payload.

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