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    Wow man, this has come along way. I know that most people couldnt possible read all the treads and I dont expect to see you read this, But wow. Now we have a BM/Fake store/ I think the only thing left is to get a server running for us all to connect to.

    There is always x kai if you people want to connect and play with out psn, but I think we need to make a server for our ps3 to connect to. friends chat and multiplayer would be nice.

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    Oct 2010
    Just want to give a big respect to the man that made this possible. deanrr you truly are the man! I have multiman latest 1.14.0 with custom sound bin playing number 2 in uk charts renamed from .mp3 to sound.bin it just works

    customised so its more coverflow looking with covers downloaded in pkg, no lock up no errors no problems.

    works just like it did with my 3.41 jb dongle except now its no dongle kmeow cfw3.55 all online fake store everything works just like i it.

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    I am also having the same problem just can't seem to find out where i am going wrong.

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    with the exception of psxstore which just looked up the ps3. black ops was problamatic to get to run in 3.41jb days so probly not a good starting point i remember files had to be messed with.

    using kmeow and 1.14.0 i have 24 or so games on external 1tb hard drive ones ive tried that work are:

    nfs hot persuit
    cod modern warefare 2 (using pkg for solo or multi)
    f1 2010 on internall hard drive
    gt prologue from bdvd to external 1tb hard drive
    gt5 from bdvd

    next ii will try to copy gt5 on to external hard drive to test (going now) would be good to see if you have tried any of those.

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    seems not work in last multiman 1.14.0


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    I think he has made a good job.

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    pcpaul I have been trying for days to get gt5 to work from external but no luck. I'm still trying to figure out the exact way that you can split files and get them to work on the fat32 format external. I used hjsplit to split the gt.vol file but no luck. I'm using a download file.

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    Hi, thanks so much for this awesome app!

    Can you upload these covers to your server?

    BLES-01033 - Call of Duty - Black Ops (PS3)
    BLES-00508 - Command & Conquer - Alarmstufe Rot 3 Ultimate Edition (PS3)
    BLES-00998 - Der Herr der Ringe - Die Abenteuer von Aragorn (PS3)

    Or can anybody send me the covers to these games (please in multiMAN Style)


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    black ops either the cover is wrong or you bles is wron either way rename cover to same as game folder.

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    BLES-00508 shows as cover for THE DARKNESS.

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