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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    sanbat Guest
    hi, how can i add the missing covers in multiman ? can anyone help me ??

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    Deeluxe Guest
    Can someone explain me where to put hte AVCHD files in ps3 root pls ?

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    jammydodger Guest
    I am sure it is HDD0/games/MOVIE_1/BDMV but i may be wrong
    Quote Originally Posted by jammydodger View Post
    I am sure it is HDD0/games/MOVIE_1/BDMV

    but i may be wrong
    * AVCHD or BDMV on internal HDD must be stored in the same folder where your games are (for example /dev_hdd0/GAMES)


    this is from the front page hope this helps.

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    hacktek Guest
    Check the options file for the cover path and throw them there using ftp.

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    Deeluxe Guest
    Ah thx thanks a lot and can it play .mkv . avi files ? and if yes where to put them. sorry for asking so many questions.

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    deank Guest
    Today the MultiMAN v01.14.00 OBM PS3 Mod update has arrived, which now includes a stable syscall36 functionality among the changed detailed below.

    Download: multiMAN 01.14.00 for PS3

    First post updated with links for all packs for all PlayStation 3 firmwares - version 01.14.00 with the following changes includes:
    • Implemented stable syscall36 function (thanks to they know who)
    • Fixed file manager default character mode
    • Fixed network icon/text when no network is available
    • More user friendly messages when problem appears
    • New update/cover server (thanks to shaj)
    • Option to download updates without USB stick
    • New 'options.ini' format (thanks to SiGMAniac)
    • [Last Game] updated (separate application)
    • A lot of other stability fixes


    [imglink=|MultiMAN v01.14.00 OBM PS3 Mod with Syscall36 Functionality][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    Nice!!! thanks! now all I need is 5pm getting here sooner!!! lol

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    Deeluxe Guest
    Don't get it where can i find ''/ps3_home/video'' to put the video files.

    Copy video files to /ps3_home/video virtual folder - they will appear directly in the XMB Video tab.

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    sotigris Guest
    Nice one Dean, i was wondering if this fixes the "Rename-Create" character problem i encountered yesterday during moving some FBA roms, although a directory was created, it did't seem to appear correctly.

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    IHM Guest
    All we need now is a decent theme! haha sorry

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