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    for some odd reason FW 3.41 (OFW/CFW) & 3.55 (KMEAW) won't install and I'm using KMEAW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorg View Post
    Is game launching directly from BD? Then why don't simply start it from XMB?
    The original game disc is not necessarily for the game you are loading (anyone can do)

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    Nice work Dean, your manager is the best of all. But what I'd add to it is a txt viewer in the file manager. I mean something what opens various file formats (.txt .xml .ini and others) and you can edit the files. That would make multiMAN much better.

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    So as to what you said earlier dean, the manager actually saves your view settings and what not from your previous used settings, or did i get that wrong?

    PS I still have no idea how to change a theme

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    go to file manager view, then select themes, after that pick a theme and click on the mmt file. Hope the release tomorrow saves these settings its a PITA having to go through it each time.

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    Hi deann,

    Thx for your great work, but I have a question. Will the syscall 36 improve the gaming with an external HDD. I would just like to know what does the Syscall 36 do.

    Thx again, Bloblo8

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    Multiman is a backup manager, it does the redirection from the BDROM drive to the hard drive (internal/external), without a backup manager this is not possible (for now at least). Having and original game in the ps3 helps the boot process tremendously and is less problematic. All the games i've backed up work fine with a disk inside the ps3, without it i had problems with several.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks mate i got it working last night. I backed up fifa 11 on the internal hard drive.It worked last night then this morning before work fifa would not load up just kept getting a black screen. Now that i have finished work it is working again. Strange..

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    Weird, i haven't had any issues with fifa 11. Love how quickly it loads, playing online i'm usually done loading (can hear the fans screaming) like 20 seconds before my friends lol.

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    Love multiMAN, but last night it just... stopped loading my backups. Really odd. Both with and without a disc in the drive, launching from multiMAN and launching from XMB.

    Gonna try and reload the lvl2.pkg after work today and see if that refreshes anything. It's almost like the performance degrades over time, though I can't quite see how that's possible.

    One other quick question (since I admit, I haven't had time to go through the entire thread yet)... when accessing PSX Store, I gather download functionality isn't quite working yet? I click on things and it just pops open a browser window. No biggie, I know this is all still in development and I'm still loving what I see.

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