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  1. #2461
    WheedWhack3R Guest
    dang still has some freezes with pl3. singularity game save corrupted. all data lost, crap. well early adopters like me pay the price I guess. Good start though! Having weird errors now. odd. oh well, with time it will mature. I'll double check and try again.

  2. #2462
    deank Guest
    Do not use LV2 patcher and do not use PL3. The test (attached) version doesn't use PL3 in any form and works 100%. If the data was corrupted earlier - just remove and install game data again.

  3. #2463
    WheedWhack3R Guest
    cool, fixed now.. think its working.

  4. #2464
    wandiana Guest
    Hi Dean..

    I'm a bit confuse here.. i can't find RC version of multiMAN 01.13.04T in the first page.. currently im using MultiMAN v01.13.04 which i have to use LV2-v6 to play games inside multiman/xmb.

    Thank You..

  5. #2465
    patoigle20 Guest
    cool job dean!!, 1 question, will we need to always use an original game disc in 01.13.04T (in previous versions some gammes didnt need it)

  6. #2466
    ffarea Guest
    Hello Dean ! But Why don't use anymore lv2.pkg ? Why don't use PL3 ? So if you make your last version with syscall 36, can you explain why ? Because syscall 36 is like hermes.

  7. #2467
    Moimemeici Guest
    Hello Dean,

    I have some questions: Could be in the near future, launch ISO file directly.

    Basically you one has the possibility to create an ISO file from our backup so that we can also use BD9/BD5 for the video portion of our console.

    And very thanks for your work!

  8. #2468
    modmate Guest
    Great Job Dean. Works fantastic here. Keep it up. Also a big thanks from spiffy again.

    Greets Modmate

  9. #2469
    IHM Guest
    Just tried The latest [TEST#6] RC version of multiMAN 01.13.04T and no lv2 patch run, all games load, no freezing, even the tricky ones start. Most impressed.

  10. #2470
    sorg Guest
    hmm.. what is the point to use MultiMAN? what's the reason for syscall36? Is game launching directly from BD? Then why don't simply start it from XMB?

    please, somebody explain it.

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