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  1. #2451
    lunchyboxy Guest
    That's some cool info +1.

  2. #2452
    hacktek Guest
    Thanks dean, gonna try it out!

    Still with lvl2 version 2, my ps3 is getting random lockups with it, i'll try with the latest version.

  3. #2453
    5942marine Guest
    Thanks, been looking for this!

  4. #2454
    kyyylekey Guest
    Just to clarify, I haven't used lv2-v6 yet, so I don't know if updating MultiMAN to it will actually improve stability. EVERY version of lv2 that I've used so far has randomly froze the PS3, so I'm not optimistic about it anymore.

  5. #2455
    deank Guest
    The latest [TEST#6] RC version of multiMAN 01.13.04T uses syscall36 which is 100% stable, zero freezes, tested by many users for the last 8 hours.

    The version will be available tomorrow. If you wish to test - you can use the attached one. Install it over a previous 01.13.xx BASE/FULL version of multiMAN:
    • Cold restart your PS3
    • Do not load any LV2 patchers
    • You'll need an original game disc to launch the game

    Although this release deserves a front page I'll ask for it tomorrow when I put the full package!


  6. #2456
    r3dcat Guest
    For anyone using the front page files ... if your on any CFW 3.55 eg KMEAW and you want to use auto LV2 Patching function you need to use the "multiMAN ver 1.13.04 BASE [20110123_160000] 355GH.pkg" (even though GH in filename suggests GeoHot CFW) because if you use "multiMAN ver 1.13.04 BASE [20110123_160000].pkg" it overwrites a new options.ini file each time you boot it disabling the function with "load_custom_payload=0" ... very frustrating.

    Thank you to kyyylekey for the clarification above on how to install and activate LV2 v6... this info should have been posted on first page to save a lot of 3.55 CFW users a lot of frustration

  7. #2457
    WheedWhack3R Guest
    Excellent job deanrr!!! major props to you man! I think this might fix singularity freezing up on load screens with PL3 on 3.41 slim and Phat. I will test it now and check and will add feedback within an hour.

    Badass Deanrr, just simply badass!!! Can't wait to try it.

  8. #2458
    onekon Guest
    Excellent I can confirm that 3.55 kmeaw is not crashing with this update (main crash/freeze I was having was with Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time.

    Great Job, Now I need to figure out how to up the blurays +rep.

  9. #2459
    nawzad40 Guest
    thank you so much, works 100%

  10. #2460
    amazinggrace Guest
    Yeah works good on Kmeaw 3.55CFW. I've open and closed Multiman many times no freezing no probs, will the full package tomorrow be the one which holds the overscan settings and last screen in Multiman?

    Cheers Dean this is a mighty update!

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