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  1. #2391
    jtag1 Guest
    new mm v4 is not working for me. payload restriction something like that it says.. what is wrong?

  2. #2392
    supernapalm Guest
    People don't ever bother to read threads... -_-

    You need to run the lv2.pkg before you load the manager.

  3. #2393
    jtag1 Guest
    didnt have to before, why all of a sudden you do now?

  4. #2394
    acelove Guest
    You've always had to..

  5. #2395
    randomusername Guest
    No you haven't. Dean's added an option due to instability, so it doesn't run by default.

  6. #2396
    Wolftorrents Guest
    multiman 1.13.04 doesn´t work on Waninkoko CFW 3.55, i tried everything and got error 80029564.

  7. #2397
    rotatorkuf Guest
    can someone help me figure out where to put my avchd/bluray folders? i don't have an external usb drive big enough to fit these files, nor do i wish to split them. i copied the folders directly via ftp to my internal hdd, put em in dev_hdd0/video/

    multiman doesn't pick em up, nor do i see a setting to change what folders to scan for avchds.

  8. #2398
    e3g Guest
    Thanks for a great tool Dean. Can you give some instruction on how to re-package it so it will ID itself as another GameID and install to a different folder.. Just for stealth purposes.

  9. #2399
    ChokeD Guest
    I will be staying with HERMES till he proceeds to CFW 3.55. Also, I lost no game saves, game data or anything. The update did not effect anything.

    Thanks Dean, awaiting more updates. MultiMAN is the best. I am now trying to backup other discs I purchased that I hadn't backed up yet. I will let you know how that goes. Any plans to make MultiMAN and Hermes (auto-patch) compatible ?? Or can I just rename HERMES EBOOT.BIN to payload.bin and use it in the /payload folder. ??

  10. #2400
    mick711 Guest

    I just try eboot.bin patch for GT5 and NFS Shift , i try R3 but no work on my 3.15 , pkg i have installed say to me upgrade to 3.41 and game folder shadow dont make.

    Do you know if it's possible to work for 3.15 user ?


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