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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    adr990 Guest
    Thanks Dean, Awesome update!

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    wazer1337 Guest
    deanrr, are you soon going stealth this app?

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    alsuser Guest
    I have 2 PS3s, a 60GB Fat and a 160GB slim. Both of them have been updated to 3.55 kmeaw and had the HDD formatted.

    The fat PS3 worked ok with the 01.13.01 release of Multiman without any crashing but the slim has been freezing on scanning payload.

    Since updating to 01.13.03, the slim has been working fine but when trying to load it on the fat, am getting the message "multiMAN cannot detect any resident payload. Functionality may be restricted!". Pressing L2 shows that multiMAN cannot detect the PL3 payload on the fat.

    Both the options.ini files were identical. Have changed the "load_custom_payload" to 1 of the fat PS3 and it now starts up ok.

    Does anyone know why I have to change the "load_custom_payload" setting even though both PS3s have the same version of firmware?

    Also, the covers do not want to download on any of my PS3s even though it is set to auto download. It just tells me its downloading the cover and then it doesn't show up. Any ideas?

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wazer1337 View Post
    deanrr, are you soon going stealth this app?
    He already answered that a bit ago HERE... please guys, read before posting the same questions over and over as this only wastes deanrr's time.

    Repeating them won't make him suddenly add features, it will just upset him because people aren't taking the time to read the answers he already provided just a few pages back.

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    jeffreyanderson Guest
    i did the upgrade from OFW 3.41 to CFW 3.55 KMEAW no problems at all, didn;t bother doing OFW 3.55 and then CFW 3.55 KMEAW.

    I have the latest Multiman NFS HP works ok no worries and yes Multiman does seem more stable now. Nice One DEAN as always you do a great job.

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    aek007 Guest
    hello guys, actually iam a noob in PS3 i am just wondering my ps3 is 3.55 and i have anstalled on it Geohot Jailbreak is it going to work on it and am i able to run games and also i have the Fat ps3 80GB.

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    enri69 Guest
    I've got Call of Duty "Black Ops" playing with Multiman, WITHOUT ORIGINAL DISC. It works fine with updates and ONLINE. This was the one game that I've been unable to play from Internal HDD of my 21 backups. Yeah.

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    wwywong Guest
    Hi Dean, can you please explain a bit more on the new options:

    clear_activity_logs=1 (don't remove push list and boot history)

    If this is set to 1, which file/history exactly does it remove? Can you tell me the location? I want to make sure they are really remove when set to 1. When are they remove? After playing a game, before playing a game, after running multiman, or at the beginning when PS3 starts? Also, is there any reason anyone want to set this to 0? Who want to expose to Sony what we are playing?? (Also, if it is set to 0, will the list contain "multiman" id itself? Or it just contains the game you will be playing?)


    If this is set to 0, it will have warning about the limited functionality. So the only functionality is file management? (Since running backup will not be working without a payload??) Which will happen if I set this to 0, but I load Waninkoko's CFW? will Payload still be embedded by default, since I think the Waninkoko's CFW already have payload build-in?

    I am still a bit confuse about payload, and LV1/LV2 peek & poke... What exactly is LV1 peek & poke? How is it different than LV2 peek & poke? Are they the same? Or are they come together as pair?

    There are three main things that a CFW usually will do.
    1.) Allow installing PKG(signed, or unsigned)
    2.) Allow playing backup
    3.) Allow backing up from GameDisc (BDROM)

    Which is LV1/LV2 peek & poke 's job?
    How is this related to Lv2Patch.pkg that we are running?

    Sorry for so many question, but I hear those words flying around always, yet I don't fully understand them. It doesn't need to be detail, just couple phrases would be able to help me great deal in order to understand all these mess...

    Thank you very much in advance!!! BTW anyone who knows the answer can reply.

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    Shinho Guest
    I know this is a probably a total noob question here... But I have just downgraded my PS3 from 3.50 to 3.41 with the P3go and find the generic file manager very boring to look at.

    Will I be able to use this multiman with my P3go?

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    enri69 Guest
    I'm sorry but why would you do that? I'm on 3.55 Kmeaw and there is no game until now I can't play (even online). Well I have only 21 Games.

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