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  1. #2341
    IHM Guest
    So when we have installed kemuew fw, is that it, or did i read there was an update patch about?

  2. #2342
    HoldFast Guest
    deanrr, In one of the next updates to MultiMAN do you plan on changing the ID to mimmick a games ID so, in theory, it will be safe to use on PSN?

    Not sure if that is even the deal, but just in case I would feel better if when I launch MultiMAN it looked like some old crappy game no one will ever play. Or something like Madden 09 since no one would be playing that anymore.

    LOVE MultiMAN btw. I am one of those AVCHD nuts so not having to burn every single one I want to check out really is a great feature.

    Looking forward to see how this thing evolves. GREAT WORK! Keep it up.

  3. #2343
    markb1 Guest
    Dean, Just to let you know that lvl2 patch for bootmangers is now up to v4.

  4. #2344
    IHM Guest
    Do i need to ad the lv2-v4 patch? Also i read kmeaw is running PL3, is that correct, cus it's crap.

  5. #2345
    x7007 Guest
    So for now is it safe to play downloaded "backup" games in PSN ?

  6. #2346
    me1972 Guest
    would someone be so nice to post hermes4b custom payload for use with multiman?


  7. #2347
    Wonderkik Guest
    First, you should ALWAYS have a disk in the drive, it helps a lot for compatibility issues. The way you boot Fallout and Red Dead is the problem. The whole eboot thing is just to start your games from the XMB without entering Multiman. That is called Direct boot, and won't work for many games (at least it didn't on 3.41, don't know about 3.55).

    The disk Icon I'm talking about is the blue disk appearing when you have a disc in the drive, used to boot games "the normal way".
    Those games won't install game Data when launched in direct boot.

    So, Start Multiman, select your game, once back to the XMB you select the disk Icon (you need a disk in the drive, obviously ^^ ) and the games should install and play fine.

    If they don't launch or give an error when launched that way, then the error is somewhere else, wrong config or something like that. I'll try Red dead Undead nightmare and see if it works for me...

  8. #2348
    jensen76 Guest
    how do i change the payload to hermes v4b instead of PL3??

    i think i have the hermes custom payload v4b but how do i use it whit the manager?

    thanks for all the work and time you use on making all this for os.

  9. #2349
    Heya69 Guest
    I ran file permission and now Red Dead Redemption works with the multiman boot, thank you. I'll try Fall Out later.

  10. #2350
    hawk188 Guest
    Many thanks for the confirmation Deanrr. Maybe wait for the price to fall and purchase another PS3 just for that purpose Your simply AWESOME Deanrr ! Such delication you put inot your apps... Take care!


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