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  1. #2331
    condorstrike Guest
    Awesome, love the addition of the Web-Browser, Thanks Dean.

    soon you'll have to rename it to "multiManOS"... and replace GameOS as it already does for me.

  2. #2332
    niceguy0815 Guest
    hey Dean, if you are serching a server for your MM updates ? I have a good Linux VPS Server there runs also an Web radio stream on it.

    When the Server is stabel for the update process I can give you some space on it. or you add a second update server to multiman if on is not available MM checks the other server?

    When you are interested sent me a message...

  3. #2333
    theone1982 Guest
    i can't be the only person where multiman freezes the system normally freezes on xmb, after i exit multiman. like when selecting a game and gose to xmb. i am getting this constantly non stop even after the new update?

    help please... lol.. it seems older multiman is more stable for me.. but still not 100 percent.

  4. #2334
    Heya69 Guest
    When I do that, it doesn't work. So I have to make the eboot with the files dean provided. And when I go through all the step, New Vegas and Red Dead Redemption refuse to install saying not enough HD space to install. It need 5gb for New Vegas and I have 200gb left. Any way to fix this?

    Also what do you mean by disk icon? I'm supposed to have a disk in when I boot from XMB?

  5. #2335
    bamadog Guest
    great job dean, keep up the hard work!

  6. #2336
    jhghizzi Guest
    Hello ,

    how i can add custom payload to this new version ? is there a option in the menu ?

    just thanks , best BM ever...

  7. #2337
    lefterisk Guest
    Also the first one is singed for 3.41 too?

  8. #2338
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Have to edit me : multiMAN quits when I try to copy data from PS3 to PC to XMB. Hope you fix it soon !

  9. #2339
    hacktek Guest
    Oops i'm a dumbass, i think i downloaded the wrong file, guess i need to use the signed one since i'm using WTN+GH. Trying it now

  10. #2340
    lefterisk Guest
    that pl3 fix.pkg will we MUST to run it with new multiMAN??

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