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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    IHM Guest
    Oh really, i guess may as well wait a bit more then, i'm in no rush.

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    sebxtreme Guest
    hi, i use multiman and prefere it, but i can't find, the disc needed option for activate or desactivacte it... where is it ? because on rogero, all backup would'nt run in normal mode, run with disc in ... where is this option on MM?

    Thnaks for the response.

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    Heya69 Guest
    I used the Eboot.fix thing on 3.55, it works. But then when I try to load New Vegas, it tells me there's not enough disk space to install the game? I have around 200 gb left. Same problem with Red Dead Redemption, any fixes?

    I can't seem to load the games from the backup manager so I have to resort to making the eboot with your eboot files, and the games won't work because it tells me I have no disk space to install the game when I boot it from XBM, but I have 200 gb left.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Do not boot those games from the XMB, and voila, your games install and work flawlessly...

    I mean no direct boot. Select the game in multiman back to the XMB, then use the disc icon to boot.

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    0xAF Guest
    Dean, can you confirm if the Copy/Backup function is working ? It does nothing on me ?

    i've tried 13.0, 13.1 and now there is 13.2 but still not working... at some point yesterday i was with kmeaw+lv2+multiman-1.12.5+fixperms and in that combination i remember it working (in 1.12.5), but since i got 1.13.XX it seems its broken.

    And one more question to all: Does someone got Assassins Creed started ? I've tried everything, kmeaw+lw2+multiman-1.12.5+fixperms, kmeaw+multiman-1.13.XX still nothing...

    i've read what was there for reading (all night long)... at some point i realized that the problem could be in the game, so i've tried Brutal Legend, and its working with no problems at all, updated and started. Now i'm going to try ratchet&clank.

    unfortunately i have to do my backups with gaia...

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    theone1982 Guest
    thx for the new update.. can you confirm if this release will stop all the random freezes i get when trying to run? lots of times... gotta keep turning power off and back on.. or.. if anyone has a solution for this? would be greatly appreciated.. thx.

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    lefterisk Guest
    Hi Dean,

    Which is the difference:

    # multiMAN ver 1.13.01 MEGA [20110121_170000].rar (192 MB)

    FW 3.40-3.55:

    FW 3.55 (GH/signed PKG):

    From your download link

    Thanks again for your excelent work!!!

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    deank Guest
    Since I enjoy adding stuff to multiMAN - I had this idea for sometime to utilize the (network) icon in FILE MANAGER for a web browser.

    It was already in the code so I enabled it today. I hope you'll like it. I mapped the button to PSX Store and you will get a nice web browser inside multiMAN:


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    niceguy0815 Guest
    On my System OFW 3.41> CFW 3.55Kmeaw (normaly istalled without re-moud) after updateing Multiman to 1.13.1 everyting works well all my games 52 on external HD an 5 on internel worke prity well for me in som games i must re change the modded files to the originals and som gemes i must check the premissions first but now everyting is working without frezes an very very stabel!!

    Also Brunswic pro bowling is now working

    Thanks a mega LOT Dean!!!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I'm on Waninkoko 3.55. With the "MEGA package" FTP quits after 30 secs. I tried the "FULL package" and this one doesn't quit. I just want to let you know .

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