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  1. #2311
    Stormy1987 Guest
    hi Deanrr,

    hermes released today a CFW 3.41. It's really cool and i prefered 3.41 CFW because of 3rd party usb support.

    when loading hermes CFW you have to run his payload again everytime you restart your PS3 to be able to start multiman.

    is it possible to include it in your multiman? so it autostarts the hermespayload before it starts your multiman?

  2. #2312
    psxlibre Guest
    "CRITICAL ERROR: multiMAN cannot access or create default backup folder! Game backup functions may not working properly. Please use different paylod if necessary!"

    I use hermes v4. This version and next version dosen't work whit hermes v4 ?

  3. #2313
    Cybero Guest

    I'm under 3.55 CFW kweak and I don't know which pkg I have to install... can you help me please ?

  4. #2314
    x7007 Guest
    Anyone know why when i get "backup" psn games for example Joe Danger i get error 80029519 when i try to run it ?

    MultiMan freezes all the times after ps3 restart, if it's in menu or other things.

  5. #2315
    psxlibre Guest
    In CFW i think it is not possible, because the console is in retail mode. If you use a dongle is diferente because the console is in debug mode.

    To play the game you need to install the debug pacht and run in debug mode.

    I found the problem, in my usb pen i had the file "options.ini"in the root. This file had my custom settings. The multiMan instead of loading the file from the hard disk, loaded the file that was at the root of usb pen.

    When i delete the file in the root, the latest version of multiman works without problems. I don't use CFW.

  6. #2316
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hawk188 View Post
    Hi Deanrr - I had asked this (not to you as I did not want to bother you) but truth is I cannot find an answer. I am 100% fan of your app and use mostly to playback AHCVHD bluray converted movies. It's perfect and the only thing that is holding me back from going to 3.55 (I am still on 3.01) is I am afraid the Cinavia protection is present on 3.55 which will prevent the playing of latest movies... I have tried many sorts of recommneded 'workaround' but the only way I found is to stay at v3.01.
    Sadly Cinavia is still in there and I don't think it will ever change. Unless we find a way to alter the avchd/bdmv player application in the PS3 it is better to stay with older firmware.

    Version 01.13.02 is available now as UPDATE only.
    • Fixed support for CFW 3.55 (KMW/WTG/WNK/GH) and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
    • [Last Game] application fixed to support CFW 3.55 (separate download)
    • New options in the ini (clear_activity_logs / load_custom_payload)
    • Other important fixes

    Download and install the update only if you have the base/full/mega already installed.

    Also delete LAST GAME app from your XMB and reinstall it.


  7. #2317
    IHM Guest
    Guys i am still on 3.41, can i not just go straight to kemu 3.55?, why do i have to go ofw 3.55 first?

  8. #2318
    bboyeff3ct Guest
    running this now, it's awesome.

  9. #2319
    randomusername Guest
    I think you can go straight there. Some postings on another forum seemed to suggest you shouldn't but they've been updated stating that going straight to kmeaw should be fine.

    I'm waiting though, there are two new CFW's out, one coming out soon, which should be more stable.

  10. #2320
    jammydodger Guest
    I have converted mkv to bdmv structure, when activating avhcd structure it only plays the sound ??


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