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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    hacktek Guest
    Hi there!

    I know multiman is supposed to join the files split using Split4G by default when transferring from USB to Internal but this didn't happen when i transferred GT5, if i browse to dev_hdd0 using ftp i still see the .part files. What could have caused this?

    BTW i did not use the default file name (filename.666# #) but the other one, does this make any difference? If i press "check" for the one in the USB drive multiman returns that there are no split files =/


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    wilpac05 Guest
    sorry but if had bothered to read the thread you would know it made a difference. deanrr wrote split4g so don't you think the default file name would be what his multiman would use?

    Use the filename.666xx option from the drop-down list to split files in compatible mode for multiMAN.

    Why? TBH I think that is creating the unstabilty issues. geohot cfw allows signed packages to be installed and kmeaw allows signed or unsigned.

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    hacktek Guest
    Thanks for the answer, i appreciate it.

    The issue i'm having now is error 80029567 trying to install the latest version (01.13.01 MEGA). I'll try updating from inside multiman.

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    Vivificus Guest
    I love this program, the interface is easy to use and wonderfully put together. Thank you!!!

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    h2go Guest
    FYI 3.41 > OFW >KMW + MultiMan latest, everything working just fine.

    Thanks Dean, appreciate your work & the time you devote to this.

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    Heya69 Guest
    Can someone please help me?

    I used the Eboot.fix thing on 3.55, it works. But then when I try to load New Vegas, it tells me there's not enough disk space to install the game? I have around 200 gb left. Same problem with Red Dead Redemption, any fixes?

    I can't seem to load the games from the backup manager so I have to resort to making the eboot with your eboot files.

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    condorstrike Guest
    Dean great job as always. +rep whenever possible...

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    Xiantyl Guest
    i installed the latest multi man But now it disappeared from my XMB 3.55 KMEAW btw

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    SS2006 Guest
    355 GHW or just the 13.01 ? Dean when i install the (PS3 FIX) PL3 Permissions: Fix file/folder permissions related to PL3, patched mode, etc from first page and try to open it it says 'error opening'

    i'm on 3.55

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    hawk188 Guest
    Hi Deanrr - I had asked this (not to you as I did not want to bother you) but truth is I cannot find an answer. I am 100% fan of your app and use mostly to playback AHCVHD bluray converted movies. It's perfect and the only thing that is holding me back from going to 3.55 (I am still on 3.01) is I am afraid the Cinavia protection is present on 3.55 which will prevent the playing of latest movies... I have tried many sorts of recommneded 'workaround' but the only way I found is to stay at v3.01.

    I apologize in advance for asking. Do you know if the Cinavia can be removed form 3.55 or perhaps it's not even there for starters? Can you perhaps point me in the right direction or help if it was? I honeslty would do it myself if only I knew how alas...

    Seems you're my only hope of getting an answer be it yes or no... I TRULY apprecaite your hard work and love Multiman and thanking you in advance !!

    Take care & HAPPY NEW YEAR too...

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