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  1. #2291
    Heya69 Guest
    I used the Eboot.fix thing on 3.55, it works. But then when I try to load New Vegas, it tells me theres not enough disk space to install the game? I have around 200 gb left. Same problem with Red Dead Redemption, any fixes?

    I can't seem to load the games from the backup manager so I have to resort to making the eboot with your eboot files.

  2. #2292
    deank Guest
    To all eager for the 'stealth' version: There is no 'stealth' thing you know.



    3) Use your original game discs when you want to play online!

    4) "Stealth version" term appeared back in Sept 2010.

    Would you like me to mark multiMAN as a real game, which is at the bottom of the charts and all of a sudden it reports 7'mil last-game-users?!

    If you're scared about your PSN stuff - buy yourself a set of pliers and cut your PS3 LAN cable or just use your original game disc and play your games online (or offline).

  3. #2293
    Bigshon Guest
    LOL!!!! I couldn't have said it better.

  4. #2294
    D4RK Guest
    dean well that's it if someone asks for facts many people are asking themselves.

  5. #2295
    condorstrike Guest
    I've been wanting to say that to many people for months now... LOL. that made my day.

  6. #2296
    Zentsuken Guest
    Haha, oh man. That was more than well deserved. I agree with you condor, so many damn kiddies around begging for this and that, or wanting step by step tutorials with images and videos on how to install 'x homebrew' or 'y cfw'.. Only to end up getting the finger as thanks and being blamed for anything that goes wrong for them.

    To stay on topic though: This "stealth" crap that has been going on for awhile now, is not even proven fact that it is 'stealth'. it's the most incredibly idiotic, and easy to do thing ever. Some people think that by simply replacing the title and the id won't quite help.

    IF you are dying to play online, simple, risk it, or install OFW and play discs only.

  7. #2297
    x7007 Guest
    Hi, i'm using the Wankoko firmware 3.55 and multiMAN ver 1.13.00 + the Permissions_FIX. Everything works great, all my "backups"

    A question i wanted to ask i see there is new version 1.13.01. But which version should i use and how can i update without deleting the program cause when i'm deleting it the folder with all the games is gone.

    multiMAN ver 1.13.01 BASE [20110121_170000] 355GH.pkg
    multiMAN ver 1.13.01 BASE [20110121_170000].pkg

    Which one for 3.55 to update and what's the differnet thanks.

  8. #2298
    boob4me Guest

    Param sfo's

    he Deanrr, do you think you can put in a app into multi man that would change the param sfo to 3.55 like you had on 3.41?? just a thought

  9. #2299
    D4RK Guest
    Even if I install the OFW again and play my original games from BD, the console could be flagged now. That's what my concern is about.

    But well, all of you are right, only time will tell what is happening.

  10. #2300
    gerald410 Guest
    Dean I'm a long time user, just wanted to say I appreciate your time and effort for this great program. Please keep up the awesome work thx again!

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