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  1. #2281
    majokaese Guest
    Hi dean, could you please add two more features, if it's possible?

    1. "New" fonts for all display-modes
    2. Configure .INI in multiMAN itself

    This would be great

  2. #2282
    daveshooter Guest
    Dean, do you have a request page? I like many others get pissed when people keep asking the same requestions over and over.

    So forgive me Dean and one and all, I have a big request and if anyones going to know the true answer to this it's Dean.

    When the time is right would you look into maybe adding a way within your manager,with a payload to use Sony's variant of the drive formatter, to use on usb drives. I think when Sony formats hdd0 it's there variant of fat32, but when it formats sd card or usb stick its the true fat32 as we know fat32 to be? So the short of it Dean, is one day can we/us format a usb drive , in Sony's format? Or have I been missing somthing all along.?


  3. #2283
    D4RK Guest
    So there doesn't seem to be any interest in a stealth mode. How comes that? Even if it won't help, it won't directly show everyone at the PSN that I started a backup manager. It would just be better to have a stealth version of multiman.

    Sadly there won't be one if not even dean replies, but thanks anyways.

  4. #2284
    randomusername Guest
    wwywong - thanks for the answers to my queries, much appreciated.

  5. #2285
    Aba Guest
    Reading is awesome... He has said over and over
    PS3 updates it database when you EXIT/QUIT a game. No matter what stealth options you use or what game id's you use - it makes no difference.


  6. #2286
    Jonesy47 Guest
    Somebody correct me if im wrong, but doesnt multiMAN already run under bles80608, or something like that unlike, lets say fbanext that uses fba0000 so, isn't it undetectable? It would just look like you're running a game. Also, as long as you dont try and direct boot and you run the game from the xmb with a disc in the drive, doesnt PSN just register it as the game youre loading?

    I could be wrong but thats the way I always understood it. Now that we dont have to do the crazy boot up process of unplugging all usb and no discs in the drive, why not just leave a disc in at all times? The compatibility is much better that way, anyways.

  7. #2287
    FMAranda Guest
    I just load the game before sign in on PSN, and of course, I don't use direct boot.

  8. #2288
    GotNoUsername Guest
    Isn't there a way to delete the list where the Game Numbers/Names are listed if you start Multiman and it isn't a problem Sony knows we played a game is it ? They only shoudn't see us use Multiman ?

    Or did I miss something ? I read nearly 100 pages to figure out how stealth is doing ^^

  9. #2289
    LordBES Guest
    From what I understand, If something could have been done to change a games specific Listing at this time it would have been done already. but the PS database will still file it regardless.

  10. #2290
    5942marine Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    I'll add two options in the next update:

    Thanks Dean, looking forward as usual to the next release!

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