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    wwywong Guest
    In that case, the options_default.ini is not used by multiman? I mean for example, I have my options.ini, and let say there comes a new version which have new keys in options_default.ini, but since I already have old options.ini, the new feature will not get picked up by multiman?

    randomusername, see my comments below...

    >I'm currently on 3.41 JB. If i update using R3 in multiMan, thisd isn't going to do anything "nasty" in terms of usability with my current FW ?

    It will overwrite your existing multiMan program, so it will not mess with your FW technically.

    >Secondly, if i go onto the kmeaw FW (via whatever method, although going straight to it seems to have worked for dean!), i'm right in thinking i need to install a NEW version of multiMan ? Will that delete any existing games i already have on my internal HDD ?

    No you don't need to install latest (although it is recommended since new features, etc.) but even though you install new one, it will not overwrite your games. IF your games are in multiman, the games are only gone when you remove multiman by pressing Triangle and delete in ps3. Installing on top will not delete games.

    >Am i right in thinking that i would have to re-transfer any games that I've patched/fiddled with EBOOT.bin before ?

    Yes you are right.

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    astratos Guest
    But, have you tested these 2 specific titles? IL-2 Sturmovik and Need For Speed Shift?

  3. #2273
    D4RK Guest
    Dean, your multiman is the best bum out there.

    But, is it possible to make a stealth version please, like rogero manager has one?

    I'd be so damned happy about it, maybe it really will help with psn.

  4. #2274
    Brenza Guest
    Yahoo!!! Thaks a lot guys!

  5. #2275
    FMAranda Guest
    Thanks Dean, the 01.13.01 is working!

    No more freezes on startup!


  6. #2276
    jamdobbs Guest
    Hi, I get error when tring to load black opps error 80010009 any ideas? cfw 3.55.

  7. #2277
    psxlibre Guest
    You need to sign. Is not signed

  8. #2278
    vnguyen972 Guest
    options_default.ini is what it is... a default setting... and whatever you set in options.ini will be your personal setting

    If a new version comes out with a new set of settings, and if your options.ini doesn't have those, that is fine, multiMan will use those on the default.ini until you override them in your own options.ini

    Does that make sense?

  9. #2279
    EiKii Guest
    Love this homebrew its frikkin awesome, and great support/updates to it to, keep up the great work Deanrr.

    I am wondering tho if you could maybe make an option in the .ini to disable deletion/clearing of the ps3 playlist?

    If its not to much hassle, would be great appreciated that way sony recieves a "proper" playlist hopefully

    Thanks in advance and keep it up!

  10. #2280
    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by EiKii View Post
    I am wondering tho if you could maybe make an option in the .ini to disable deletion/clearing of the ps3 playlist?
    I'll add two options in the next update:


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