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  1. #2261
    System Repairs Guest
    I got another freeze while checking permissions. Hard restart froze also.

    Reinstalled Multiman over top without delete and working again

  2. #2262
    anon777 Guest


    i don't think playing backups is supported on geohots firmware just the pkg's im using wininkokos cfw and i can play backups from my external hdd not internal. i tried the same thing on geohots cfw and failed.

  3. #2263
    vnguyen972 Guest
    Can't update from 1.12.05 to 1.13.01 via R3, the pkg downloaded hang the system.. error 8001002C.

    Dean, I'm wondering if you could try this for me? its ok if you don't wanna... but can you try to reinstall OFW 3.55 and then Kmeaw CFW 3.55 , then see if MultiMan 1.13 works at all? I cannot seem to be lucky to have it working... only 1.12.05 works perfectly.

    I wanna try OFW 3.41 then Kmeaw CFW 3.55 but not sure if I could... roll back to 3.41 from 3.55 and if that would brick me ... so if you can try this that would be awesome to see what I experienced... Thanks so much!

  4. #2264
    System Repairs Guest
    Give it some time to check or download from here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...an-114315.html

    I retried R1 patch (reset permissions) and left it. It took about 15 min to reset permissoins, so it did not freeze. My Bad.

  5. #2265
    rsa84 Guest
    Hi, is the 3.55 already patched + multiman good and stable no more glitches no freezes nothing? i'm still on 3.41

    Will i be able to play all games? how about the ones patched to 3.41?

    And wath if i get glitches or so and want to go back to 3.41? will i be able to with a format? thanks

  6. #2266
    deank Guest
    Important notice: If you want to have the good old stable multiMAN, just delete the ./BLES80608/USRDIR/payload/ folder (or at least payload.bin). Then you can rely on external LV2 syscall enabler.

  7. #2267
    wwywong Guest
    Hi Dean, I always wanted to ask, but feel like a stupid question... what is the diff between options_default.ini & options.ini? I've been using options.ini, because I don't want to modify the default one, but what is the use of having two?

    Which one take preference? Do I need to have both in the system? Thanks in advance.

  8. #2268
    deank Guest
    The need for options.ini is because EACH multiMAN's update/install includes "options_default.ini". The idea is NOT to overwrite user's options (which are "options.ini").


  9. #2269
    astratos Guest

    Games don't boot

    Dean, why some specific games still don't work? Like Need For Speed Shift, IL-2 Sturmovik (black screen after the update screen) and I 've also noticed that I can't copy Heavy Rain from the The Blue Ray Disc. I am in Waninkoko CFW.

  10. #2270
    TheDevil Guest
    Here is what i did:

    3.41 -> 3.55 official -> 3.55 kmeow -> 3.55 Geohot and then installed lv2.pkg and latest 1.13.01 base. So far no troubles

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