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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    PS3Slayer Guest
    All of my games work fine. Installed on internal HD. Some do need a disc in the drive before they will load (LBP2, Battlfield BC, Heavy Rain). All updates from PSN work fine.

    The only issue is sometimes Multiman freezes, requiring a hard reboot. If that issue was, what a setup. Much better than dongle days.

    I did a full format of HD, reset all settings on Ps3 and then OFW 3.55 > Kmeaw CFW 3.55 > Multiman 3.55 Mega

    Ps3 Phat - CECHG03 - Internal 750GB WD HD - Kmeaw CFW - Multiman 1.13.00

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    FMAranda Guest
    Dean said that he updated from 3.41 to Kmeaw's CFW 3.55 and everything is working for him, so, I don't which one is better (3.41 -> OFW 3.55 -> Kmeaw's CFW 3.55 OR 3.41 -> Kmeaw's 3.55).

    And yes, after installed, you'll need to install only the latest multiMAN and you'll be ready to go

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    randomusername Guest
    Yeah a bit confusing this update path info as a lot of other posts say that a straight 3.41 > Kmeaw's isn't the way to go... but it obviously worked for dean!

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    Wonderkik Guest
    I did 3.41>>>OFW 3.55>>>Kmeaw's 3.55 but I had to do the last step using recovery mode, as using the XMB it told me it was the same update version.

    But, I am running Multiman with no troubles at all (ie no freezes, etc), with updates for games also working, as PSN access.

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    Ax3l Guest
    wonderful... i tested the new lv2 patch (v3) and multiman 1.12.05 for more than one hour now, switched games and started them like a disc-jockey. i had no more freeze or black-screen.

    it seems, that the new lv2 patch solved my issue. would be interessting, if it's still the same, when this patch is implemented in a manager.

    i'm happy now! thank you all.

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    deank Guest
    First post updated with all possible versions for all possible firmwares.

    If you still have troubles with 01.13.01 - I really have no more ideas. I'm still running it without any problems.

    Also [Last Game] application has a standalone support for the payload on 3.55 and it will mount the game properly after a fresh restart.
    • Fixed support for CFW 3.55 (KMW/WTG/WNK/GH) and latest PL3 (kmeaw)
    • [Last Game] application fixed to support CFW 3.55 (separate download)
    • Other important fixes

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    Ax3l Guest
    hi dean,

    first start - first freeze: multiMAN is checking system and payload... sad...

    kind regards.

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    itudy Guest
    ok, in the 01.13.01 BASE .rar archive... thare are a lot of files which .pkg do I need to intall? running Kmeaw CFW

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    System Repairs Guest

    Thumbs Up

    I had the same freeze after starting up Multiman 1.13.01 "checking for permissions"

    Hard restart and Black Ops working

    Thanks for your work!!

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    RAFYF Guest
    1.13.0 was not working for me but 1.13.01 is working perfect thanks man your the best and your manager is the best too, im using multiman since the good old 3.41 days lol

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