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    It only makes sense to install BASE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    I have some PSN games installed and now that I decided to format my PS3 do you think that if I do a backup of them will they work after I FTP them back?
    I don't think there is a safe (any) way to backup PSN games. But you can re-download them from PSN afterwards.

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    okay thanks ^^... i thought the other one is like a "patch" thingy ^^

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    hey dean everytime i try to install full or base 1.13 i get an 802 error wich stops me from installing. your 1.12 worked like a charm though. i'm using wutangrza with lv1/lv2 support patched.

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    Ok I installed multiman 1.13 and all good but when I turn off my ps3 and turn it back on multiman stops working and only give a black screen. If I run lv2pkg before running multiman it works. I already uninstalled and installed 3 times and is always the same problem. What can I do?

    A black screen that says multiman is loading.

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    lv2pkg is the like jailbreaking your ps3 with PSgroove or the likes, you have to run it on each boot. Gaia Manager has this integrated now, hopefully MultiMan will soon too.

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    Is there a way to go from Wanikono CFW to v3.55_Backup_Manager_Patched_ Wutangrza-kmeaw ?

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    Multiman have it installed already but for me only works the first time i open multiman after install.

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    hi, which of your packages works on waninkoko? ie the new 190mb megapackage? and lower to 4nb one? thanks in advance

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    it's not fair for you guys the expect deanrr to diagnose YOUR problems running multiman.. he told you what works for him 100% and I can attest it works for me too. if you want to go back to ofw from whatever cfw you have installed then go to their threads for instructions how! quit trashing deanrr's thread

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