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  1. #2191
    deank Guest
    Let's set things straight:

    1) All the MIDDLE firmwares/patches that you previously installed modify various system files
    2) Non of the CFW updates you may have used are aware of the other patches you applied
    3) Going from Official Firmware to 3.55KMW seems to be the right thing to do.

    I'll repeat myself:

    I was on original firmware 3.41.
    Updated directly to the fully patched 3.55(kmeaw).
    Everything works. No locks, no black screens no permissions problems, no PKG install errors, no in-game update problems, no update troubles.

    Those of you who were in such a rush to install GH 3.55, WKK 3.55, WTNG 3.55 - I'm sorry but I simply can't reproduce your steps and the mess you made with your PS3.


  2. #2192
    Nappis Guest
    The patch is integrated to Gaia. We just have to pray that Dean do the same thing to Multiman Please

  3. #2193
    faultymike Guest
    pls can anybody help me i have updated to cfw kmeaw but now none of the bms will load all that happens when i start multiman is it goes to a black screen and then back to xmb and the rest of the just go to a black screen and i have to pull the power from the ps3.

  4. #2194
    Nappis Guest
    You althought installed OFW 3.55 before that patched one like they said in the installation guide?

  5. #2195
    deank Guest
    No, from official 3.41 I went directly to the fully-patched 3.55 from the 1st post in a thread here at ps3news.

  6. #2196
    RLKirk Guest
    did you run the lvl2.pkg program first and see if that works?

  7. #2197
    Aba Guest
    Hey dean quick question. With the LVL2 patch you cannot have a disc inserted when you go to run it... same with Gaia (with built in LVL2 patched)... am I correct in assuminmg yours is the same? that you cannot start multiman with the disc in?

  8. #2198
    Nappis Guest
    I'm also in official 3.41. Maybe I do the same way then. Are you going to integrated that lv2 patch to Multiman?

  9. #2199
    faultymike Guest
    I have tried doing that but with no joy. i just can't seem to get it to work.

  10. #2200
    farenheit Guest
    Dean any chance of the elf? Or can you add an eboot.bin thats not signed?

    Please... i wanna create my own stealth package if that's ok?

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