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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    condorstrike Guest
    it's inside BLES80608

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    nunracer Guest
    ps3 + manager = covers Ok

    PS3 + USB Drive + manager = won't display any covers

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    vnguyen972 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by condorstrike View Post
    Dean, I know what you're trying to say, but even then... it saves options_default.ini, and takes over... i have to manually remove it, don't know what's causing it, but it keeps doing it...
    here's what I did, copy the default_options.ini to PC and edit it the way you like, then rename it to options.ini, then FTP back into the USER_DIR of the manager... then you don't have to worry about any future updates to override it...
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    You were clear and I was clear too. Read my reply again.

    If you had your ftp set to OFF by default you'll have to switch to HOMEBREW mode with the [start] key on your joypad and then click [O] (circle).
    Awesome, thanks Dean!!! So far, this is the most complete and good looking manager in the scene!


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    nunracer Guest
    update: restart ps3 and covers works fine lol

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    deank Guest
    First post updated with link to one of my PC tools for easy splitting large (4GB+) files for transfer to external USB FAT32 HDD with options to split and name the files in two formats:

    .666xx (for open manager)
    x.part (for comgenie's filemanager)

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    MindKiller Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    For those of you how DIDN'T understand the usage of the OPTIONS file:

    EACH UPDATE INCLUDES options_default.ini.

    [COLOR="Red"]Now pay attention: It will be used ONLY if there is no options.ini in your manager's folder![/COLOR]

    It means that you can have all your settings saved in options.ini and they will never get replaced.

    ahh thanks.. i didnīt know it

    does the MultiManager automatically split files on backup to external HDDs ??

    sorry .. newbie ^^

    and again.. thank you for your wounderful programm !!

    EDIT: i mean like gaiamanager...

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    deank Guest
    Yes, of course it splits.

    The built-in filemanager also SPLITS and JOINS files when using COPY FOLDER from or to USB, SDHC, MS or CF cards.

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    MindKiller Guest

    Thumbs Up

    nice thanks...

    i could not say it often enough...

    THANK you for your service/support and for the MultiManager

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    AUREAHIT Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    If you put a COVER.PNG (260x300 pixels) in each AVCHD folder you'll see it in 2 of the display modes.
    thanks for answering, greetings and still so ...

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    That will never happen.

    I'll check it. I only have 3 games which work in this mode so I doubt this one will.
    Dean matey ...

    they made you forget "enslaved"

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