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    thanks dean you're the best, i just wanted to play gt5.

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    Dean, it is possible to add Kmeawl LV2 Patcher into your MultiMAN at Startup?

    Here is source code of lv2 patcher:

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    What about ps2 and ps1 backups compitability in next versions ?

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    So how do I stream games over the network from a Mac? What protocol does it use?

    If it's a custom protocol, is it documented somewhere so I can make my own server? Or better yet, is the code for the .exe available somewhere?

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    Unhappy Running 3.55

    I've tried backing up my own games, so I can play more games without wearing out my laser. First I tried Tekken 6 and then Super Street Fighter IV.

    But both games I installed on the hard drive of the ps3, and it popped up saying this when I tried running them. do you want to start the game now, without exiting to xmb.

    With a warning message saying something about how it won't work. If I pick Yes Its boots back to XMB if I pick NO it boots back to XMB. So what in the heck do I do?

    I've followed all of the steps did everything correctly yet it backs up the game but doesn't play it? Would anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Please help me...

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    pick no for direct boot then put an original ps3 game in the drive (any one) the icon on xmb for the disc will show the game you selected in multiMAN, just click on that and it should launch

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    I have to reinstall it I got mad and remove the game. So what you're saying is Is I put a ps3 game in the drive and press no correct?

    I click MULTIMAN then I press (O) copy and wait 30 mins. Its done, then getting the game to run is the hard part. I just don't get it. Okay I think I read that 100 times now, I might be understanding this now.

    When I'm Booting the game, Press No then put any ps3 disk in and it'll play that game I just installed?

    Didn't work it just loaded the game disk I put in the drive. Can anybody please help me?

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    Big Grin

    well first off, make sure your using a newer payload, I personally use hermes 3.50 spoofed payload. I haven't had any problems with this payload.

    now when you copy a games to hdd, either into GAMES or GAMEZ folder, multiman will automaticaly detect them. then when you select a game while in multiman (backed up game) it'll ask for "direct boot ", press no and it will boot back to xmb, now put in any ps3 disc, and the game that you chose to play will be on the disc icon. if that doesn't work. something else is wrong.but you should be good to go if your using a newer payload!

    Also newer games require a modified EBOOT.bin file & edit param sfo. multiman will edit param sfo for you, but you will need to switch out Eboot bins manually (basically, drag & drop into blusxxxx)

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    thanks deanrr, I was searching about PATCH MODE on 3.55 because I need it for GT5 and without it the game crash while saving (many headaches lately) at least now I know why.

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    The multiMAN 01.12.05 for FW 3.41 Base package can't make backups from Blu-ray, always shows an error, and deletes the dump.

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