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  1. #2121
    me1972 Guest
    deanrr thanks for reply.

  2. #2122
    AntonyB Guest
    Thanks for the aweoms manager deal, defo the best out there! By chance do you know any software to convert mkv to AVCHD? mkv2vob seems to be playing up a lot now and MultiAVCHD looks really complex lol

  3. #2123
    almoront Guest
    to get this running just so i know im doing it right i need to first jailbreak my 3.41 and install geohots cfw and then run the package of multiman and install it and i should be able to load my backups without jailbreaking each time i turn on my ps3? just making sure i got it right and if theres any reason i shouldnt do this thanks. (all my backups are of my originals nothing pirated)

    sorry rather install PS3 341 KAKAROTO CFW not geohots, seems thats only for 3.55

  4. #2124
    crazelunatic Guest
    I'm on geohot's cfw 3.55 and i installed the alternate 3.55 (with some options to add backup manager support).

    I'm able to install my games fine to the hdd but they will not run when launched from multiman or through xmb... Is this because this hasn't been enabled in the latest multiman or 3.55 cfw (at least geohot's) won't allow the games to be run??

    + is it possible to add ps2 backup ripping and game loading to the latest multiman?

  5. #2125
    daveshooter Guest
    Respect to you deanrr Sir, this is some wicked peace of homebrew. I have a small request, and I'm sorry if its been asked before but can we change the user and password in the ftp. Because as it stands at the moment unlike myself and the one's that administer their own networks, we have ftp sites popping up all over the net with anonymous logins, .

    I did try logging in with root, and the pass root and the account admin with blackbox and it worked and seemed more fluid to me, but that may not mean anything and just a coincidence. I must admit I did believe Linux of any way shape or form didn't like Anonymous accounts, I understand this may have no baring on the ps3 but just a thought anyway. Thanks again deanrr.

  6. #2126
    HurricaneGame08 Guest
    thank you very much

  7. #2127
    anon777 Guest
    i'm on 3.55 geohots cfw and when i try to install the PL3 Permissions i keep getting error 80029567 what do i do?

  8. #2128
    gregofnoumea Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by anon777 View Post
    i'm on 3.55 geohots cfw and when i try to install the PL3 Permissions i keep getting error 80029567 what do i do?
    Same problem here with wipeout hd 3.41 JB same error...

  9. #2129
    rdurbin Guest


    Would it be possible to add categories feature for games shown in MultiMAN like for genres. For example have categories like RPG, Strategy, Action, etc.

    I guess you would basically set each game to your own category, and make a certain button pop up a list of categories and let the user choose one, and it would only display games that matched that choice. Have it show all games by default tho, for people that don't want categories.

  10. #2130
    guitarplayerone Guest
    i tried installing the 3.15 version on 3.41 slim, didn't work/froze every time (older multiman works fine)

    so let me get this straight, no need for a dongle anymore?

    also, will a 3.41 version be released?

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