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Thread: AVCHD / GAME / FILE manager (mod of OBM by dean)

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    lazyboyblue Guest
    deanrr does this release allow user to back up game directly to the psn game path? (i.e hdd0/game or whatever)

    And is there any feature for eboot to pkg converstion?

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    deank Guest
    F1 CE, Lego Indiana, SW Republic Heroes for example.

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    panadol2010 Guest
    dear dean, my question is simple do i need a usb dongle to install multiman on 3.42 ofw?

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    deank Guest
    You need the dongle to install it, but it will work after you restart the PS3 in normal retail mode.

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    rudolfo Guest
    Dean, sorry if I was not clear... I will try to rephrase with a more concrete example:

    (1) There is only one specific file on GT5 which is bigger than the 4GB limit (can’t remember the name but lets call it GAME.BIN which is sized at 12GB). When I use the SPLIT4G to transfer the game from the PC HDD to the USB FAT32 HDD, the application splits the original GAME.BIN into three files with extension 666. If I add up the size of each individual file I get to 10GB... smaller than the size of the original GAME.BIN. Is this normal? Does SPLIT4G also compress the original file (like a zip application)?

    (2) If I then fire up the PS3 and use Multiman to check my internal and USB drive, does the game GT5 appear on the list of the available games (even though it is not playable as it includes files that are split)? If I then transfer the game from the USB drive to the internal (using Multiman) will the original folder on the USB be deleted on completion of the transfer? (I was hopping that it would not as I would like to keep it as a second backup of the original as it takes a long time to copy games from the drive)

    I hope it was clearer... thanks again for you help.

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    F1 CE, Lego Indiana, SW Republic Heroes for example.
    Yes well, i thought it was some old games. Im not talking about the latest ones but i.e. modnation racers, Buzz music quizz and so on wont work, so in my case inside multiman it should call : Some games work instead of some not.

    I know there will be a solution, maybe in the next CFW, so you could update to fully functionality.


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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Actually the priority is 1001... can you try to run the game from the filemanager, executing EBOOT.BIN. There the stack is 64k. I'll change it to 128K in next update. I may add an option to set priority and stack size in the ini.
    The source code on the first post has priority of 3071, i assumed the latest has the same priority. I am currently using a XMBoot shortcut to get Madden 11 to load direct from XMB with 128K & 1001 priority. I would like to get direct boot working with Madden 11 in multiMAN on my second ps3 (3.55-jb) so i can play online. :-)

    edit: no go from file manager, exits to xmb after launch. Normal direct boot results in black screen.

    edit2: with an updated source on the first page i can recompile myself to fix this issue.

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    chrisshih Guest
    Does it work with CFW3.55? can anyone tell me does this multiman work with GeoHOT CFW3.55?

    there is no any file managers so far can run backup game from HDD with CFW3.55, right?

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    deank Guest
    Wouldn't it be EASIER to download it and try yourself instead of asking? What do you think is in the first post of this thread for?

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    soh20 Guest
    ok multiman works good but my question is after installing the patched pkg i see the icon of the game on my xmb.

    i replace the files within the directory dev_hdd0/game/BLESXXXX/USRDIR/ with the files i have on my pc, right?

    if so i tried to launch the game but it gaves me "data corrupted...."

    any help?

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