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    becks69 Guest
    Hi, thanks all for the help, but still could not see the games on my USB Drive, I use Black box FTP to transfer the edited options.ini to the PS3. My USB games are in folder "/dev_usb/GAMEZ/" without quotes. How should I edit the .ini file ?

    Thanks again for all the help as this Manager looks great.

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    deank Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vnguyen972 View Post
    Hi deanrr, maybe I wasn't so clear, sorry... say in options.ini I have ftp server turned off... and while browsing the games, what if I want to turn ftp server back on, what button should I press? is it possible?
    You were clear and I was clear too. Read my reply again.

    If you had your ftp set to OFF by default you'll have to switch to HOMEBREW mode with the [start] key on your joypad and then click [O] (circle).


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    deank Guest
    You change the line with usb_home to show:


    Simple as that.

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    condorstrike Guest
    Dean, I know what you're trying to say, but even then... it saves options_default.ini, and takes over... i have to manually remove it, don't know what's causing it, but it keeps doing it...

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    deank Guest
    Press [L2] and check which one is loaded. If you have an .ini on your USB stick it takes priority over all internal ini files.

    It is late here (3am) - I'll check it tomorrow, too.

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    here2rock Guest
    How do you make the changes to options_default.ini once you have installed it on PS3? Do you reinstall or do you uninstlall first then reinstall?

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    deank Guest
    You have few options:

    1) Edit it on your PC and FTP it to the manager's folder
    2) Edit it on your PC and use the built-in file-manager to transfer it to manager's folder
    3) Edit it on your PC and use other tools to transfer it to your PS3 in the proper folder (noted in the header of the ini file).


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    here2rock Guest
    Thanks Dean. Can we edit it directly on PS3?

    Where is the manager's folder on PS3?

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    revo75 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    For those of you how DIDN'T understand the usage of the OPTIONS file:

    EACH UPDATE INCLUDES options_default.ini.

    Now pay attention: It will be used ONLY if there is no options.ini in your manager's folder!

    It means that you can have all your settings saved in options.ini and they will never get replaced.

    Maybe it'll be a good idea to put this info in the OP Awesome job as usual!

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    here2rock Guest
    Where is the manager installed? Anyone?

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