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    I installed:

    UPDATE.PUP PS3 3.55 Custom Firmware with Peek/Poke
    UPDATE.PUP GeoHot's JB

    MM runs great and slightly faster usb.
    [L2]/Setup reports NO PL3 peek n poke
    Is "Symbolic / hardlink folder copy in FILE MANAGER [R3]" like creating shortcuts
    I still miss something like the mountmanager

    Anyway... Were do we go from here? convert all games to .pkg files? or just wait... till next update.
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    Whoa been away for a few weeks and just wanted to clarify, are you saying we can now install MultiMan without the use of a USB Jailbreak due to it being signed with the released keys??

    Also what's shadow copy?

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    I am curious about this shadow copy thing as well? anyone got any info on it?

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    I've had a bit of a search around and all I can see is its a method of shortcutting to files somehow within filemanager... saw it mentioned in some posts on getting CoD BO working but can't find anything concise.

    I'd write the manual on all this stuff if only I understood it better I am a documentation specialist

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    wish we had a 100% fully functional bm for 3.55

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    I wonder if the "Shadow Copy" thing works at all like the the XBE shortcuts in the original Xbox.

    It's not a bad theory to have it call one path, and load a small file that forwards to load from another path. I may be way off base, as I've not really looked into loading of backups at all, I'm concerned more about advancing development of apps that are homebrew or emulators, but allowing greater access than we currently have in the 3.55 CFW.

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    Hey deanrr, any chance you could add the ability to change the stack size & priority for direct launch. For instance Madden 11 doesn't work with stack size of 1M & a priority of 3071, however, it does work with direct launch if stack size is 128K & priority is set at 1001.

    edit: Is it even possible to change stack size & priority "on the fly"?
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    got lost

    Sorry guys but I got lost with this 3.55 thing... so short question: I have few games backup on internal HDD that run great with my dongle Hermesv4...

    Will I be able to run them after I update to CFW 3.55?

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    Nice deanrr ! Now we just need a solution to run games from XMB without using /app_home/PS3_GAME/ and Syscalls. Shouldn't be easy but there comes so many different solutions all the way up - I'm looking forward which way you do.

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    simply put files on USB?

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