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  1. #2041
    renanbianchi Guest
    Deanrr, can you try compiling Multiman using the new released geohot tools?

    Thanks man, you have the best manager of all.

  2. #2042
    Transient Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Did you set the GUI to 10240 KB? My speed with large files is 12MB with a 100Mbit router so I can't see how you get 5MB on 1GB router.
    Yes, I set it to 10240 KB -- that's what I meant by 10MB buffer. The speed never goes above 5-6 MB/s for me.

    As I mentioned before, if I use multiMAN's FTP then I can get 25 MB/s, which is the same as other FTP servers on the PS3.

    Lastly, I don't think the problem is with my network as I can get over 50 MB/s from PC-to-PC (and then it seems limited by my laptop's HDD).

  3. #2043
    daneel Guest
    Thank you Deanrr, simply the best.

  4. #2044
    Ninjazin Guest
    Would like to see this happen as well. That would be super

  5. #2045
    indurein Guest
    You said: There is no mygame.pkg released... I'm just experimenting... And as explained you'd need just the sys_game_process_exitspawn2 to start the game once the app is installed in the proper game_id folder..

    My question is ... Does this mean you have to create an application for each game to start? I trust in your ability to control the files .INI to resolve it if so Thank you for your work.

  6. #2046
    deank Guest
    Okay guys... I'm attaching a test signed version for 3.55.
    • Payload/firmware properly detected
    • Syscall functions disabled (except syscalls 837 and 838)
    • In file manager [HELP] option will display the nice HELP SCREEN by condorstrike

    Give it a try if it installs at all. At least I'll know my tool chain is set properly.


  7. #2047
    condorstrike Guest
    thanks for using the Help screen Dean, I think it'll help. I'll just wait it out, until you let us know it's safe to update to 3.55...

  8. #2048
    acelove Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deanrr View Post
    Give it a try if it installs at all. At least I'll know my tool chain is set properly.
    I've installed, works - no idea how to use it yet as 1st time with ps3 hacking lol

  9. #2049
    Tiger007 Guest
    Mygame.pkg isn't this much better to release?

  10. #2050
    roenick371 Guest
    Hello, firstly thanks for nice manager, I am using it and I am happy with it.

    I have one question - is it possible to put into the config some setting, that multiman will launch with a game covers display mode? I must launch multiman and press L1 for it...

    its only a small issue but maybe I only miss something in a config


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